Emily Ye

What’s up!? My name is Emily Ye and I’m an 8th grader. I look forward to writing stories in topics such as sports, the latest news, and interviews from students on school events! Outside of school, I’m very busy with activities like girls basketball, competitive softball and swimming, a Tae-Kwon-Do performance team in Santa Cruz, reading about medical  jobs, and finally my culinary aspirations. My inspirations are my close family friend, Louis Lee, the chief of surgery at Kaiser Permanente Santa Cruz, and Shin Takagi, Shane Osborn, Anne-Sophie Pic, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Grant Achatz, Carlo Cracco, and Cory Lee–all 2 or 3 Michelin star chefs that have created the culinary world. I hope you enjoy the next issues of 2019-20!