Two teams for Bay Farm volleyball

This school year has brought big changes for Bay Farm’s volleyball team. For the first time, the teams were set up as two divisions. Because there were lots of people who tried out for this year’s season, Bay Farm’s coach, Jessica Serrano, was able to get the Alameda Education Foundation to make a Division 1 (7th and 8th grade)… Read more

New intramurals prove popular

Recently, during lunch, middle schoolers from all grades have been preoccupied with a number of different sports. The Bay Farm Intramurals are new to our school this year and are organized by Mr. Reynolds… Read more

2018-2019 articles

Track team hits the ground running

The most popular Bay Farm sport, track and field, is finally here! It was voted the best Bay Farm School sport in an early poll, and it looks like people are excited. This year Mrs. Joni Reynolds, the previous track coach, co-coached for the first time. She worked with Mr. David Stebbins, the new P.E. teacher at Bay Farm. She seemed optimistic… Read more


Tournament caps off new lunchtime league

Bay Farm middle schoolers have been setting and spiking their way through lunch with the recent organization of a lunchtime volleyball league. The new middle school P.E. teacher, Mr. Stebbins, created the league, which has been a huge success with 60 kids participating. A November tournament brought together players… Read more

2016-2017 articles

Bay Farm basketball enjoys stellar season

For the first time in Bay Farm Middle School’s history, the boys basketball team won a DII Championship title, scoring a bucket with 6 seconds on the clock against Lincoln Middle School, 38-37… Read more


2015-2016 articles

Track & Field IMG_2800finishes at top

BFMS’s track and field earned accolades this year. The track team had their first all-comers meet on April 12 and their second all-comers meet on April 20 at the College of Alameda, and BFMS’s field team had their first all-comers meet… Read more


WarriScreen shot 2016-06-10 at 9.29.04 AMors take 2nd run at Championships

The warriors have had an outstanding regular season with a record of 73-9, but they’ve also done very well in the playoffs. In the playoffs the Warriors have gone 12-5. In the first round of the playoffs the Warriors faced… Read more


unnamed-2Warriors head to the playoffs

73 and 400. For anyone who hasn’t heard about the Golden State Warriors, they’ve recently destroyed the records for most wins in NBA history with a win-to-loss ratio of 73-9, and the record for most 3-pointers in NBA… Read more



2016 Superbowl pits Broncos against Panthers in Bay Area

After an amazing and exciting NFL football season, America was ready for the playoffs — and Super Bowl 50, held here in the Bay Area’s own Levi Stadium! It was a long road leading up to the Super Bowl. For the AFC Wild Card it was the… Read more



 Underdog volleyball team puts in effort

The Bay Farm Middle School volleyball team fought hard all season but had a tough time getting a win. The game was played at Wood Middle School on October 30. With a 1-5 record going into the game, Bay Farm was looking to win their second game while being the definite underdogs. Wood not on… Read more

2014-2015 articles

Peter Brady competed in the finals in shot put
BFMS Track & Field runs for the finish

This year’s track & field season has wrapped up, with Bay Farm athletes making a great showing at the citywide championships. Going into the track finals at the College of Alameda May 28, Bay Farm 6th graders were dominating. Qualifying teams… Read more


Steph CurryGolden State Warriors head to NBA finals

Finishing a great regular season with a record of 67-15 with only two losses at home, the Golden State Warriors were the number one team in the NBA heading into the playoffs. Their first playoff round was short, the Warriors sweeping the New Orleans Pelicans — who had… Read more



Champions LeagueChampions League soccer battle for glory

The Champions League. It says it in the name, Champions. The top teams of the most successful soccer leagues in the world — Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Arsenal, Juventus, Manchester City, and 24 other teams, a total of 32… Read more


PollTake our sports poll!

One thing can be said for sure: Bay Area professional teams were not “business as usual” this year! What do you think THE BIGGEST sports story of the school year was? What did other BFMS students say? Take our poll and get instant results!


Lady DolphinsLady Dolphins take championship — again!

Bay Farm’s Lady Dolphins won the citywide basketball championship. The win is Bay Farm’s second consecutive girls basketball championship, in the first two years the school has had a team. The championship game was against Lincoln Middle School at the Navy… Read more


CricketCricket World Cup: Get to know the game

Cricket. It is considered the second-most popular sport in the world, with more than 2 million fans worldwide. Fourteen of the most successful cricket teams from different nations are battling it out for cricket glory right now in Australia and New Zealand… Read more


Girls Basketball head into playoffs at #1

The BFMS girls basketball team finished off their regular season on Feb. 20 against ACLC/NEA at the top of Division II with a 7-1 record. The team played its first playoff game Tuesday… Read more



Superbowl 3
The Patriots Win Super Bowl 49

Yelling, cheering, screaming. The 49th Super Bowl was considered by some the most exciting Super Bowl of all time! It was the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, arguably the best two teams in the NFL. The game started with the Patriots… Read more


Super Bowl champs tarnished by Deflategate?

They won it all… The fame, the glory, the title. But the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl title will forever be tarnished by the huge controversy surrounding possible cheating. The Pats had a strong season, with a record of 12-4, but getting into the Super Bowl… Read more


MVP candidatesWho should be the NFL MVP?

Three Dolphin Tail sports writers weigh in on who should be tapped as MVP this coming Sunday. See what they have to say, then scroll to the bottom and tell us your opinion in our sports poll! … Read more



Girls basketball team off to a great season

The BFMS girls basketball team has gotten to a great start with a record of 3-0. The Dolphins first played against the Academy of Alameda on Dec. 16, crushing them by 18 points with the final score being 40-22. On Dec. 19, they won over the Encinal Junior Jets by a mere four points, 28-24… Read more



Bay Farm volleyball team ends season with a win

Bay Farm volleyball had a great season this year featuring players from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. They played with their best effort, and showed amazing teamwork. On Nov. 4 Bay Farm took on Lincoln Middle School. In the first game, Bay Farm and Lincoln were knotted up 13-13 until Lincoln made a move, taking the… Read more


RS12812_458071300-scrGiants win World Series in nail-biter of a game

After six intense games, 54 innings, and 53 runs scored, it all came down to one date, October 29, 2014. Two great teams, the San Francisco Giants — seeking their third title in 5 years — and the Kansas City Royals, trying to win their first world series since 1985, battled it down to the wire for the 110th World Series… Read more