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Letters to the Editor are welcome. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the comment field; letters will be put into the moderation queue until approved for publication. Only letters that include a legitimate name and title will be considered for publication. Opinion submissions from Bay Farm’s school community, staff and students (of all grades) are welcome and will be considered; send to the editor at BayFarmDolphinTail@gmail.com.

Great election editorial

Hi Brenden – I very much enjoyed this editorial. Nice work and good for you for taking an interest in government and politics. I look forward to your next article.
Michele Kuttner, Bay Farm teacher

Thanks for the advice

Hi “Ask M!” This isn’t a question. I’m “Devastated”, the person who asked you a question about my best friend. I just wanted to tell you that you have amazing advice! I hope you keep on doing this because you really helped me. 🙂

School lunches need improvement

When I was younger, I used to buy the Bay Farm school lunches nearly every day! But as I’ve grown older, the food quality and health standards have swayed me to take a lunch from home almost every day! I understand it’s not really the school’s decision, but the school district’s. If we improved the school lunches, in both nutritional value and taste, I guarantee you I would be buying school lunch. School lunch is easier and quicker!
Kyle Wonzen, 7th grade

Kudos on school lunch editorial

I found the article on the various school lunches quite interesting. It was well written, and well documented by the photos and information on school lunches served in other countries, etc. Boy, the lunches here sure pale by comparison.
Jan Christiansen, Bay Farm grandparent

School lunch editorial should effect change

I like the school lunch article. I also complained to the AUSD food service about the quality of the fruits and have not received any response. If we can organize a group of students to the education board meeting and tell the board members how the students feel about the food and what they want, we may get their attention.
Y.C. Yeung, parent

Alum approves

I am a proud Bay Farm alum and I cannot begin to say how thrilled I am to see my very own Dolphins taking on new challenges, like The Dolphin Tail. I am beyond impressed by the caliber of work! Well done Dolphin Tail writers and editors. You should be proud of the incredible work you have done thus far…and I know that there is certainly more to come!
Kelly Reynolds, Bay Farm alumnus & substitute teacher

More pictures?

I really like all of the stories. They keep me interested and wanting more. I love how I know some of the stories because they affect me. One thing that I wished to have seen is more pictures.
Azameet Gebremariam, 8th grade

Keep up the good work

Wow! I just read your first issue of The Dolphin Tail and I am very impressed. I can tell a lot of work went into this project and it looks really, really good. It’s exciting to see Bay Farm students using their writing skills and sharing all the great stuff going on in the middle school grades with us all. Keep up the great work, Rowan and all who contributed to the inaugural issue of The Dolphin Tail!
Michele Kuttner, Bay Farm teacher

Thumbs up

This first issue of The Dolphin Tail online newspaper was very informative, well written, and well organized. The additional use of the slide shows and video further enhanced an already great paper. Each of the news articles were interesting, and together, really gave a comprehensive idea of what was and is happening at Bay Farm. I also appreciated how easy it was to navigate between each of the stories, and enjoyed reading each one. This definitely is a thumbs up! Keep up the good work, and congratulations to all the staff.
Jan Christiansen, Bay Farm grandparent

Informative volleyball story

I really liked the volleyball story because it was interesting and very informative.
Krystal Souza, 8th grade

Newspaper is a treat

Wow! what a treat, and how interesting it is to read about what is happening at Bay Farm! As a grandmother of two Bay Farm students I so enjoy learning about all that is going on. It’s also fun to see the pictures of some of the students that I recognize. The Dolphin Tail newspaper is really great for us grandparents living far away from our families. I’m looking forward to the next issue.
Martha Thompson, Bay Farm grandparent

Doing great job

Keep up the good work. It is awesome having you here. You are doing a great job.
Mohamed Kaanoune, 6th grade

So cool

Hi! I am Addy, and it is so cool that there is a news paper at my very school. It is also cool that you guys have an informing website! SO COOL!
Addy Chaney, 6th grade


I love your e-news!! It’s awesome!
Mia Troncoso, 6th grade

Really like the Giants story

I really like the newspaper! I especially liked the awesome newspaper entree about the Giants winning the World Series. It was cool how the writer described the games in that much detail. I look forward to reading more newspapers from The Dolphin Tail.
Justin Wong, 6th grade


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