Sophia’s advice

Q: My younger siblings always come into my room and take my stuff. Help!… Read more


The funny pages

Three new comics from the “Squares and Circle Heads” comic strip… Read more


2017-2018 articles


Fidget toys: Useful or distracting?

The latest craze to hit the classroom is the fidget toy, and Bay Farm School is no exception. Almost every middle schooler has one, and some students’ parents use them at work too. These toys are meant to help people focus… Read more

‘Backpack Challenge’ poses threat to safety

Millions of years of evolution, and it leads…to this?! Wow. Congratulations, human race, you’ve come up with a weird trend that can somehow kill you faster than eating McDonald’s every day!… Read more

2016-2017 articles

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

The presidential election: What we think

History was made in November, and whether you like it or not, Republican Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States of America. Unsurprisingly, The Dolphin Tail staff isn’t too happy about the choices America has made… Read more

pineapple penPen Pineapple Apple Pen: A viewpoint by Brenden Dalipe

A few months ago, a new (probably… I’m not sure) Korean video has shown up, earning tens of millions of views in weeks. WEEKS. It’s called… well, I mean, you know already… Read more


letter-to-the-editorLETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Read our feedback from you, our school community! Letters and opinion submissions from Bay Farm’s school community, staff and students (of all grades) are welcome and will be considered; send to the editor at BayFarmDolphinTail@gmail.com. Read more



2015-2016 articles

Kyra & ChloeTwo 8th graders reflect on time at BFMS

It has been a long three years. There were many ups and downs, but we made it! Surprise! That means others can too. At first, it was hard for us. Many friends were at Lincoln, and it was our dearest ambition to be with them. But then? Then we realized… Read more


WaverleyWord from the editor: Thanks for reading

Student Editor-in-Chief Waverley Achacoso looks back on a year of journalistic responsibility and personal growth. Read more



heavy backpackEditorial: Lockers vs. online textbooks

The 8th grade has already gone mostly paperless, and their backpacks weigh a reasonable weight. Perhaps the rest of the middle school needs to make the final leap, too. Online textbooks are probably the best solution for BFMS, over lockers and heavy textbooks… Read more


Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 8.57.44 AMHow can teachers help reduce backaches?

Watch our video interviews with BFMS Students. Watch now




2014-2015 articles

Outgoing and incoming editors of the DT


DT says goodbye, hello to editors

Outgoing editor Rowan Esquer says goodbye to Bay Farm — while Waverley Achacoso, Dolphin Tail editor for the 2015-16 school year, introduces herself to DT readers. Read more


school calendarEditorial: Bay Farm is better when it’s not year-round

Some schools have a year-round schedule, and others have a long summer break schedule; Bay Farm isn’t a year-round school, thank goodness. It used to be when it opened more than 20 years ago! There has been ongoing debate as to which schedule is better… Read more

Bay Farm School
Editorial: Bay Farm’s middle school worth staying for

I am an eighth-grader. I have been at Bay Farm since kindergarten, and I really love this school. I chose to stay at Bay Farm for middle school because I thought it would be a wonderful learning opportunity… Read more


A typical Greek school lunchEditorial: BFMS lunches leave much to be desired

See how American school lunches stack up against school lunches in the rest of the world. Does there need to be a change at Bay Farm? See what our editorial staff thinks, and read related feedback from parents and students on the issue. Read more


Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 6.24.15 AM

Welcome to The Dolphin Tail!

Read the  welcome message from founding Editor-in-Chief Rowan Esquer and Principal Babs Freitas on the occasion of our first issue… Read more

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