Clubs, clubs and more clubs!

Many new clubs have made their way from ideas to reality this year at Bay Farm Middle School. Below is a list of all the lunchtime activities and where to join them!… Read more

In memoriam: Two beloved guinea pigs

Two of Bay Farm’s beloved guinea pigs, Mulligan and Chewbacca, recently passed away. They had a long, joyful life making all of Bay Farm’s students happy… Read more


Halloween marked with parade and pumpkins

On October 31st, Bay Farm School held a pumpkin carving contest as well as a Halloween Parade. This was Bay Farm School’s second year hosting a Halloween Parade. It began last year due to Sienna Arroyo’s petition to the Alameda Unified School District… Read more


6th grade camping trip full of adventure

On Oct. 16, the 6th graders went on an annual overnight trip to Mother Lode in Coloma, Calif., along with their teachers and chaperones. Our principal, Mrs. CrawfordRead more

2018-2019 articles

Math Club builds problem solving

The new school year has brought a new club into existence: Mr. Valois’ Math Club. Here, students can receive homework help or may challenge themselves with harder problems… Read more



Halloween parade caps student activism

This year, schools around Alameda got to do something different for Halloween, thanks to a group of students led by Sienna Arroyo, a 3rd grader at Bay Farm. On October 9, Sienna went to the Alameda United School District boardRead more



‘Hour of Play’ takes over Bay Farm

On December 7, Bay Farm School had their first Hour of Play for the school year. Teachers hosted activities in their classrooms, such as “Bring Your Own Slime” in Mrs. Reynolds’s room, speed cup stacking in Mrs. Oducayen’s room…. Read more

Students unite for Tobacco Free Alameda

On November 17th, a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders volunteered to walk for the local action group, Tobacco Free Alameda, to get the word out about the dangers of children being targeted… Read more

New clubs crop up

This year at Bay Farm School, clubs are back on almost every day of the week and are open to any newcomers! Just go to a meeting during lunch or after school and sign up… Read more


2017-2018 articles

Mayor marks Mr. Frank’s retirement

Mr. Frank, our wonderful custodian, is retiring at the end of the school year after 14 years of service. On April 30, the mayor of Alameda, Trish Spencer, visited Bay Farm School to declare the day “Mr. Frank Day” in honor of his retirement. Frank Munoz has been a spectacular custodian in several different schools… Read more


Lime Bike vandalism sparks concern

Lime Bikes are taking Alameda by storm, and it’s easy to see why. The dockless bikes are available to rent for an unlimited amount of time, and when you’re done you can just leave them and not have to worry about them getting stolen… Read more


Imagining a Constitution without amendments

Recently, the 8th grade students created comic strips about what would happen if one of the amendments to the Constitution was repealed. Ms. Linderme, who gave the assignment, said… Read more


Girl Scouts embrace new tech for cookie sales

That time of year has come and gone again because, yes folks, it was Girl Scout cookie season. The first date that Girl Scouts were allowed to sell was January 3 and the last was March 4. Bay Farm student Benjamin Wilson as “delicious but unhealthy” and for the most part, people… Read more


IMG_4415Students rally for women’s equality

On January 20, thousands of women’s rights supporters gathered around the world to support human rights and female equality. Marches in Oakland and San Francisco drew large crowds and were attended… Read more


playdayBay Farm hosts first ‘Day of Play’

On February 9, Bay Farm’s Student Council hosted a school-wide event as part of the Global Day of Play. The main focus of the event was to provide kids with an opportunity for unstructured play and fun… Read more

wildfire3Bay Farm rallies donations for wildfire victims

Early in October, vicious wildfires raged throughout Sonoma County, destroying countless homes, and leaving lots of people without shelter. Mrs. Otieku’s class decided to join relief efforts by advertising and gathering donations for fire victims. The relief efforts were organized… Read more


Student Leadership gears up for the year

On September 20, the 2017-18 Bay Farm School Student Leadership team was selected based on their leadership skills, creativity, honesty, and many other things by faculty advisors. The team includes students from 4th grade through 7th grade. The representatives are: Tomas Lombardo, Daniela Petersen,… Read more

2016-2017 articles

 Newly sprouted club flourishes

Every Thursday, 6th graders gather around the greenhouse at Bay Farm School, eager to find out what fun Ms. Garner will bring them. This is GACC, Garden and Cooking Club. In GACC, middle school students have fun growing and cooking organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. So far, only 6th graders are participating. However, this club is open… Read more


7th graders hike Yosemite

At the end of April and beginning of May, Bay Farm 7th graders stayed in Yosemite National Park for three days. Students went on hikes and learned about the landscape around them from the nonprofit organization Naturebridge… Read more


Trump travel order prompts debate

On January 28, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order to instate a travel ban against people entering the U.S. from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Iran. In spite of coming on the heels of his campaign promise… Read more


Student Leadership kicks off

On March 3, the 2016-2017 Bay Farm School Student Leadership team was sworn in during Morning Ceremony. The team includes 4th through 8th graders: Jade Ah-Hing, Brenden Dalipe, Anika Hofmeyer, Ethan Ha, Ella Yu, Nicholas… Read more

Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 9.49.21 AMNew BFMS building on hold

The Alameda Unified School District’s plan to build a new building on the Bay Farm campus for the middle school has been postponed, according to school district officials. AUSD Chief Business Officer Shariq Khan said… Read more


Photo by Amelie Simpson

PTSA Reflections contest encourages student art

Every year Bay Farm School’s PTSA holds an art competition called Reflections, where students compete in categories such as dance, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual… Read more


food bankBay Farm School contributes to Food Bank

On Friday, November 18, children from grades K-8 gathered on the green in the center of Bay Farm School. This is where grades K-5 meet everyday for morning assemblies when it is not raining, and where grades K-8 meet every Friday for morning assemblies… Read more


middle schoolStudents embrace new BFMS schedule

The middle school schedule at Bay Farm School has had some changes over the last few months. Here’s how the new schedule works: There are new Exploration classes in 6th and 7th grades… Read more


Photo by Joni Reynolds

Middle schoolers “glow” dancing

Bay Farm’s middle school held its first dance of the year on the afternoon of Nov. 9 in the Multipurpose Room — a glow dance, where lots of people wore glow items and clothes. Chaperoned by the… Read more

safety poster-REVISE-3-15Girl Scout carnival: “Everyone belongs”

“Everyone Belongs.” That is a saying used all around the Bay Area, to show we accept everyone no matter who they may love, their gender, or their race. Four 8th-grade girls in Girl Scout troop 32999 — Mia Bazo, Skye Krainer, Maikhanh Hoang and Khai-Ly Tran… Read more


2015-2016 articles

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 1.17.20 PM8th Graders Return from NY, DC

On April 28th, 18 of Ms. Katie Linderme’s class of 8th graders hopped on the 11:30 p.m. flight to Chicago, and then, after a short layover, continued on our way to Washington, D.C. By the time we reached D.C, it was early the next morning… Read more

The Sparkly Unicorns gave Staff Infection a run for their money. Photo by Joni Reynolds
Are You Smarter Than a Bay Farmer?

Adults, teachers and students recently broke out their trivia knowledge just to see… “Who’s Smarter Than a Bay Farmer?” This fun trivia competition, which happened Thursday, May 26th, included categories for Individual, Class Team… Read more

 Bay Farm getting a new middle school building

Alameda Unified School District will build Bay Farm School a new building on campus for the middle school soon, according to district plans. The building will have four to six classrooms, and may have two floors. Planning is beginning… Read more



Bay Farm wins prestigious Ribbon Award

Friday, April 22nd was Earth Day; Earth Day, 2016 is also the day Bay Farm School was named a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School and a 2016 California Green Ribbon School. Bay Farm School was the only public… Read more


 20160256bce8f77b793Middle schoolers visit AHS for “Footloose”

On March 3rd, 2016, high schoolers from Alameda High School presented a musical, Footloose, to a couple of middle schools and elementary schools, including Bay Farm Middle School. The play was about a boy from Chicago who loves to… Read more



Flipped classroomFlipped classrooms: Right for BFMS?

A school in Illinois is using a method of teaching called the Flipped Classroom! Science teacher Collin Black, who uses the flipped classroom method, helps his students do work in class, and sends his lectures home for students to listen… Read more

Photo by Chloé Amaden

Exploration Wheel creates options

This year, BFMS began its exploration wheel: a system of four electives that rotates every trimester. The four electives are Coding, Archeology, Art, and Health & Wellness. Each student is assigned three explorations every year… Read more



Students embrace Reflections art contest

The Bay Farm PTA Reflections winners were announced in December. Many students from all grades submitted entries, and the competition was fierce. Reflections is a program started by the National PTA to work art into students’ educations… Read more


Middle schoolers tackle NHD again

Bay Farm Middle schoolers are participating in National History Day, or NHD, again this year. National History Day was first introduced to this school last year, when 7th grade teachers Nancy Ely and Jeannette Frechou came to Bay Farm. Bay Farm is the only… Read more

Honor-RollFirst trimester honor roll announced

BFMS students had a blast throughout the first trimester of the 2015-2016 school year. Many students who earned a 3.5-3.99 grade point average (GPA) made the Honor Roll, and a few students went beyond that and made the Principal’s Honor Roll by achieving… Read more

10629396752016 Presidential election draws interest

It’s just a few more months until Election Day, and a batch of new and old presidential candidates are here to attempt to become presidents of the United States! Election Day is the on the first day of November. Unfortunately, middle schoolers… Read more

movie night

BFMS’s first movie night of the year a success

The first BFMS Movie Night of the year was held in January. The Student Government hosted the event, which showed The Maze RunnerDuring the movie, snacks — including popcorn, candy, chips and soda — were sold for $1 each. According to… Read more

imagesBFMS student government representatives announced

Middle School Student Government representatives have been announced for this school year! Representatives for grades 6, 7, and 8 are 8th grader Chloé Amaden, 6th grader Veronica Baum, 7th grader Mia Bazo, 7th grader Serena Bhalla, 8th grader Jay Bond, 6th grader Ryan Chang… Read more

Alameda High School freshmen Jasmine Tubmanee, Rowan Esquer and Natalie Dang graduated from BFMS in June.

How are last year’s 8th graders doing in high school?

Last year’s graduating 8th graders have gone on to attend several different high schools this year. We decided to check up on them and see how they are doing. Two current Alameda High School freshmen who graduated from Bay Farm’s 8th grade, Rowan Esquer and… Read more

Giselle Morris shows the camera a crayfish she has found.

6th graders bond at MotherLode

For future 6th graders who want to know, this “always looking forward” place — MotherLode — is an extraordinary wilderness with trees and a river. Just two miles away from Coloma, where Bay Farm fourth graders do their first overnight trip, MotherLode and its ways… Read more


Bay Farm's midway stats. Photo by Kyra Kong

8th graders write their own novels

Bay Farm’s 8th grade class participated in the Youth Writer’s Program (YWP) for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. Students’ goals were to write a novel in a month. “It gives you the opportunity to show your inner imagination,” said 8th… Read more


8th graders hold colonial booth day

On October 30th, Teacher Katie Linderme’s 8th grade class held an event called Colonial Booth Day, where students did presentation on eight of the original American 13 colonies. Colonial Booth Day was for the 8th grade class and the 5th grade classes; each colony group tried to… Read more

Photo by Mia Bazo

7th graders head to Yosemite overnight

Bay Farm 7th graders went to Yosemite National Park on October 28-30th. We learned about nature and bonding with our classmates. Most 7th graders said they liked being together, and some said that had been their very first time to Yosemite… See the slideshow!

Winners from grades 6-8. From L-R: Liang and Darren Heng Goh, 8th & 4th Grade, "Haunted Pumpkin" Jimmy Netherton, 6th Grade, "Rainbow" Camryn Sumrok, 6th Grade, "Crazy Cookie Monster" Photo by Lynn Christiansen Esquer

Bay Farm students channel creativity to pumpkins

Bay Farm’s student leadership puts on the Annual Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Contest every year at Halloween. Winners received a small bag of goodies and a picture of their winning pumpkin was placed in the office for all to see… See the slideshow!

2015-10-27 10.37.30Bay Farm celebrates biggest Coast Guard Day ever

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Bay Farm School hosted the Coast Guard in what has become an annual event. It was the largest and most exciting so far. In past years, Coast Guard officers and personnel came out for an hour or two in the morning to escort… Read more

2014-2015 articles

8th graders finishing up time at Bay Farm

Eighth graders have had a fantastic year at BFMS. They went to Washington, D.C. and New York, helped out at the Crab Feed, showed their groovy styles during spirit week (especially on Throwback Thursday, where they could dress up in 80’s style), pioneered U.S. History in NHD, and wrote novels… Read more

ElectivesBFMS students look forward to elective classes

Electives have been one of the things separating Bay Farm from other middle school programs around Alameda. But not anymore. Elective classes are coming to BFMS in the fall. In a short interview recently, Principal Babs Freitas said that “All I know is that there are definitely going to be electives.” No further information has been made available yet… Read more

shellmound7th graders present to Society for American Archaeology

A group of 7th graders, along with 7th grade teacher Nancy Ely, presented at the Society for American Archaeology in San Francisco about the Bay Farm Shellmound Project in April. More than 100 people were present for the BFMS presentation… Read more

8th grade Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll recipients. Photo by Teacher Lori Oducayen.

Second trimester honor roll announced

BFMS students did exceptionally well in the second trimester of the 2014-2015 school year, with more students making Honor Roll or Principal’s Honor Roll. Students who earned a 3.5-3.99 grade point average (GPA) made the Honor Roll, and a few students went beyond that and made the Principal’s Honor Roll… Read more

Science fairScience Fair encourages scientific method

On April 17, students at all grade levels participated in the first-ever Bay Farm School Science Fair. More than 120 students registered for participation, and 111 projects boards were taken out. In the end, 87 students submitted projects… Read more

041National History Day projects go to county competition

For more than four months, Bay Farm middle schoolers worked extremely hard on a project called National History Day. In March, about 20 of them, representing 12 projects, competed against middle schoolers around Alameda County at the Oakland Museum of California… Read more

Sixth graders get groovy on 60s day. Photo by Joni Reynolds.

Slideshow: BFMS celebrates Spirit Week

Middle schoolers celebrated spirit week last week (March 16-20) with five days of fun. Enjoy the slideshow, then take our Spirit Week poll! See the slideshow

Christina Aguilar, Rowan Esquer, Kristina Galvin, Azameet Gebremariam, Zakary Kong, Ethan Muon and Ryan Ong were eighth graders who volunteered to man the registration table at the Crab Feed.

Crab Feed benefits middle schoolers

On February 27th, Bay Farm School held its very first Crab Feed fundraiser at the Elk’s Lodge. Many Bay Farm parents and teachers attended this event on a Friday night for an evening of dancing, games, and, of course, crab. Several BFMS eighth graders also attended… Read more

Damage to Ms. Hester's kindergarten classroom during the Feb. 13 break in. Photo courtesy of the Alameda Police Department


Vandalism at Bay Farm School targets kindergarten

Bay Farm School was a target of vandals recently. On February 13, several people broke into Moira Hester’s kindergarten classroom. The vandals broke in through a window and proceeded to turn tables over, spray paint graffiti on a wall, destroy a fire extinguisher… Read more

Eighth-grader Emily Rutherford shows off the documentary on the camera she created with fellow student Rowan Esquer.

National History Day projects completed

Middle school students turned in their National History Day projects Wednesday, Feb. 25, and that night welcomed throngs of parents, family members, teachers and others eager to see the results of their months of research and creativity. Exhibits included websites, documentaries… Read more

Teacher Jeannette Frechou presents a blue marble to Inernational Pellet Watch's Maybelline Yeo

International Pellet Watch presents to 7th grade

In December, the seventh grade heard a presentation on ocean pollution that spurred them to action on environmentalism. Maybelline Yeo is a Ph.D. candidate in organic geochemistry at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. She was representing the International Pellet Watch... Read more

Guardians of the GalaxyStudents disappointed in Movie Night postponement

The first-ever Middle School Movie Night at Bay Farm School was postponed by the school a day before it happened, apparently due to concerns about insufficient supervision, liability issues and unplanned contingencies. A new Movie Night date was announced this week… Read more

hester1Teacher in the Spotlight: Moira Hester

Moira Hester is a kindergarten teacher at Bay Farm School. She has been teaching kindergarten for 11 years. She was hired to be a kindergarten teacher at Bay Farm in the 2003-2004 school year. Ms. Hester also coaches the BFMS Girls Basketball team… Read more

First graders visit the eighth-grade classroom.


Bay Farm children bring the Lunar New Year parade to BFMS

Bay Farm kindergartners and first graders visited middle school classrooms on Thursday, Feb. 19 to celebrate Lunar New Year. Check out the slideshow! See more



Meet the new student government. Photo by Emily Rutherford.

Middle school student government elected

In December, six middle schooler students were elected into the newly created BFMS student government.  Eighth-grader Ethan Muon ran a tight race against several of his classmates, but in the end was elected president. Sixth-grader Khai-ly Tran was voted vice president… Read more


Sixth-grader Justin Wong gets ready to take his team to the win at the Fun-raiser. Photo by Waverley Achacoso

Middle School puts on first “Fun-Raiser”

BFMS hosted its first “Fun-Raiser” at AMF Southshore Lanes in December: A part fundraiser for the middle school, and part fun time for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. The event was originally scheduled to be an ice skating extravaganza with an alternative for bowling… Read more


Honor roll 3

First trimester honor roll announced

BFMS students had a blast throughout the first trimester of the 2014-2015 school year. Many students who earned a 3.5-3.99 grade point average (GPA) made the Honor Roll, and a few students went beyond that and made the Principal’s Honor… Read more



Photo by teacher Bonnie Nelson-Duffey

Ukulele Club turns in finely tuned performances

The Ukulele Club at BFMS has nine members, three mentors, and an amazing sound. Eighth-grader Emily Rutherford, and sixth-graders Zelinda Strell, Waverley Achacoso, Mia Trancoso, Addy Chaney, Olivia Liuson, Anna Leong, Ella Hildalgo, and Grace Wasson… Read more



Photo by Rowan Esquer

8th graders participate in national writing competition

In November 2014, Bay Farm’s eighth grade was the only registered public school class to participate in a nation-wide event called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Every November, authors all across America choose to participate in this event that… Read more


BFMS students test B.Y.O.D. program for district

BFMS students are the testers for the new B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) program, and if it all goes well it will be implemented at all schools in the Alameda Unified School District. B.Y.O.D. was implanted this year, allowing students to bring the device they… Read more


Crab feed
Bay Farm PTA to host first annual Crab Feed at the Elks Lodge Feb. 27

25% of net proceeds will go directly back to our Middle School program — middle school students will be working the event. Parents can belly up to a delicious dinner of crab, pasta and salad, followed by games, a cake auction and dancing. Tickets go on sale the first week of February. Space is limited to 200 guests, so parents, don’t wait to buy your tickets. For more information, contact Rak Bhalla at


Photo by Rowan Esquer

8th graders preparing for a trip to the nation’s capitol

Bay Farm eighth-graders are heading somewhere pretty special this Spring Break. If you’re thinking  “White House,” you guessed it: Washington, D.C.! During this five-day trip, students will take a red-eye flight to Washington, D.C., where they’ll visit the Smithsonian, tour memorials and Arlington National Cemetery, and… Read more


Who are The Steves, and what do they do? The Minecraft Club gets creative

Since the start of the year, students and teachers have started many clubs, one of which is The Steves — otherwise known as the Minecraft Club. The club was started by eighth-grader Gabe Manibusan, who is now the president. Other officers include… Read more


Fall Fest

Bay Farm families flock to Fall Fest

On October 18, Bay Farm School held its first-ever Fall Festival and raised about $6,000 for the PTA. Students who attended were able to buy tickets they could cash in for prizes at student- and parent-run games. Some of these games include a whipped-cream pie face… Read more


 student government
Leadership holds first-ever elections this week 

Student government elections are happening this week in the Bay Farm middle school program, and many students are running to be a part of the new leadership experience. “I like politics and want to try a new experience,” said seventh-grader Jay Bond, who is running… Read more


Bay Farm’s annual pumpkin-carving contest draws crowds

Bay Farm students of all ages celebrated Halloween in the annual pumpkin decorating contest, put on by the K-5 Student Council. Take a look at the slideshow below to revisit the winners and entries!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2014-10-08 08.01.02

 Walk ‘n’ Roll to School Day

Eighth-grader Elia Ayala and sixth-grader Samantha Gable hand out Walk ‘n’ Roll goodies to first-grader Brody Esquer in October.



B.E.A.T helps take out the trash

By staff writer Heather Yeung
The B.E.A.T (Bay Farm Environmental Action Team) is doing regalia posters at the middle school sorting center to help people if they forget where the trash goes. B.E.A.T finds trash out on the 6-8 grade yard and puts it on the poster. Then they hang it up on top of the of the proper bin. The B.E.A.T is gong to make three different poster to hang off the three bins. They already put up one of the signs. It was for the landfill bin. They collected the trash last week and hot glued them on too. They are collecting materials for the blue bin sign.