Two Teams for Bay Farm Volleyball

By Bella Buyanurt

This school year has brought big changes for Bay Farm’s volleyball team. For the first time, the teams were set up as two divisions. Because there were lots of people who tried out for this year’s season, Bay Farm’s coach, Jessica Serrano, was able to get the Alameda Education Foundation to make a Division 1 (7th and 8th grade) and a Division 2 (6th and 7th grade).

Compared to last year’s season, there have been many improvements. For the second game against Wood Middle School in Division 2, the 6th and 7th graders successfully had their first and only win of the season. Both divisions have improved an immense amount since the beginning of the season.

Coaches: Jessica Serrano and Brandy Graham

Team members:

(Team captains are listed in bold)

Division 1 (7th and 8th):

Viola Warming

Sophia Ackerman

Benji Kapelke

Xandria LeMonier

Grace Gatine

Levi Serrano

Lulia Samson

Preston Graham

Maia Johns

Kathy Le

Nikhita Bulusu

Leilani Starkey

Division 2 (6th and 7th):
Alana Hernandez

Bella BuyanUrt

Tonia Chen

Maleia Ferguson

Shayna Le

Shruthi Ananthavel

Brody Cusack

Brody Esquer

Ava Harbo

Neel Bulusu

Bronwyn Brantley

Zoe Larsen

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