New Intramurals Prove Popular

By Christopher Wootton

Recently, during lunch, middle schoolers from all grades have been preoccupied with a number of different sports. The Bay Farm Intramurals are new to our school this year and are organized by Mr. Reynolds, a former Bay Farm parent and teacher. He’s the husband of Bay Farm 6th grade teacher Mrs. Reynolds, and he has come out of retirement to organize them.

So far, he has organized a corn hole tournament, a water balloon toss, a volleyball tournament and an arm wrestling tournament. Right now he is on the fifth sport of the year, with a football tournament. The intramurals have been extremely popular, with many participants from all grades, and they seem to be a big hit at Bay Farm. We got a chance to ask Mr. Reynolds a few questions about himself and the intramurals to find out more about why he he’s doing them. 

Q: Why did you decide to do Intramurals?

A: Well, for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been retired for two years, and I have all this extra time. Secondly, my wife works here, and I just live around the corner. Thirdly, I did intramurals at Lincoln Middle School for over 30 years, so I know how to do this.

Q: What Intramurals can we expect for the rest of the year?

A: I’m going to try a lot of different things this year. I’ll do some team sports, like soccer, ultimate frisbee and basketball. I will also try some different sports, like arm wrestling, and golf putting, like a contest in golf putting. I’ll also try to do sumo wrestling. 

Q: What did you do before you started Intramurals here at Bay Farm?

A: I taught at Lincoln for 30 years, and before that, I was at Alameda High for 6 years. I was the head football coach.

Q: If you could dye the sky permanently one color, what would it be?

A: Honestly, I wouldn’t change it, because blue is my favorite color.

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