In Memoriam: Two Beloved Guinea Pigs

By Bella Goldwasser

Two of Bay Farm’s beloved guinea pigs, Mulligan and Chewbacca, recently passed away. They had a long, joyful life making all of Bay Farm’s students happy, and they will be dearly missed.

Chewbacca was sort of the patriarch of our group, and students here will remember him for his distinctive, Chewbacca-like fur and sweet gaze while being held. Mulligan was extremely calm and easygoing and all of her admirers appreciated her love of being held and her gentle demeanor. Both guinea pigs belonged to our principal, Mrs. Crawford, before being welcomed into the Bay Farm community. The students here were heavily involved with their caretaking, even giving them a home over breaks.

Mulligan and Chewbacca provided a lovely nurturing aspect to our community, and their contributions to making our school an even more enjoyable and comfortable place are greatly appreciated. They are survived by our other guinea pigs, Charlie, Leah and Princess, as well as a new bunny, but Chewbacca and Mulligan’s absence will long be felt out on the grass.

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