Clubs, Clubs and More Clubs!

By Kai Hannigan

Many new clubs have made their way from ideas to reality this year at Bay Farm Middle School. Below is a list of all the lunchtime activities and where to join them!

Rubik’s Cube Club: This club is the perfect place to go if you have always wanted to solve one of these crazy puzzles, but can’t figure it out. It is held in Mrs. Diaz-Yate’s classroom at lunch every Wednesday, and is run by 7th grader Levi Serrano. Levi says that his favorite side of the Rubik’s cube is the blue side.

Scrabble Club: Here, you can learn how to play competitive Scrabble, and it’s open to all players, whether you are new to the game, or have competed before. Run in Mrs. Sullivan’s room on Thursdays by Jon Demeter, professional scrabble player, come and play, even if it’s just to try it out!

Art Club: Come to Mrs. Sullivan’s classroom at lunch on Tuesdays to draw, draw, and draw! You can use whatever medium you want, and create wonderful pieces once a week at lunch. This club is run by 7th graders Turesa Pham and Bella BuyanUrt.

Big Brain Club: Run by 8th graders Gracie D’Amato and Kathy Le on Mondays and Wednesdays in Mrs. Reynolds’ room. It is held as a time to do homework and study at lunch so that you can have time to play after school.

Journalism Club: Held on Fridays in Mrs. Reynold’s classroom, Ms. Leah Hitchings leads Bay Farm School’s newspaper, The Dolphin Tail. Come to learn what a newsroom is like, and even receive your own press badge.

TUPE Club: Tobacco Use and Prevention Education club is run by Mrs. Diaz-Yates’ on Tuesdays, and is a place where students are taught about the risks and hazards of smoking, vaping, and using other tobacco products.

Glee Club: This club is run by Ms. Bonnie, and 8th grade students Viola Warming, Nicholas Ferguson, Christopher Wootton, and Emily Ye.

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