6th Grade Camping Trip Full of Adventure

By Turesa Pham

On Oct. 16, the 6th graders went on an annual overnight trip to Mother Lode in Coloma, Calif., along with their teachers and chaperones. Our principal, Mrs. Crawford, wasn’t able to join them. Mrs. Crawford was seen climbing trees last year.

The excited 6th graders arrived at their destination around 10:30 am. After that, they got settled into their cabins with their bunkmates. It seemed like they had tons of fun.

They participated in fun activities, which included the high ropes and low ropes courses, the Leap of Faith, where you climb up a zipline, boating, swimming, and more.

I asked some 6th graders how the trip was, and they all answered: “It was really fun!” They also mentioned how they got to go on the ziplines and swim across the American River. I bet that they had lots of free time like I did last year.

When the students arrived back to school, I heard some rumors about some drama that took place during their trip. I asked Annie, a 6th grader, about it. She told me that there were some problems with people’s relationships. I asked others about the drama, and some didn’t even hear about it.

Besides all that, I gathered the trip was pretty much like last year’s, exciting and full of surprises. I believe that during this trip, a lot of people got out of their comfort zone and tried new things, like we did last year.

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