Stormy in the spotlight

Stormy, Bay Farm School’s beloved cat, was interviewed by a few of our paper’s reporters. Sophia Ackerman interviewed, Bella Buyanurt and Maleia Ferguson photographed, and Meeran Gill offered moral support. The result of this Dolphin Tail dream team was a fantastic interview with the beautiful cat that roams our school, Stormy.

Dolphin Tail: Why do you love Bay Farm?

Stormy: Bay Farm School is an awesome place with kids who will always give me love and pets.

Dolphin Tail: What do you spend your days at our school doing?

Stormy: I roam around, visiting classrooms and hanging out with kids who care about me.

Dolphin Tail: Students around the school have received visits from you in their classrooms. What are your most frequented/favorite places around the school?

Stormy: Ms. Fong’s class. I love to go in there and get love or just take a nap.

Dolphin Tail: What do you think of humans?

Stormy: I love them!!! They always squeal “Stormy!” when I walk by.

We asked some students about Stormy, and this is what they said.

“Stormy is so sweet, cute, and loveable.” – Sophia Ackerman, 6th grade

“The most cuddly cat I’ve met! So sweet too” – Meeran Gill, 6th grade

“Stormy is like, the best. Even though she is a cat, she acts better than some of the students here.” -Bella Buyanurt, 6th grade

“Fuzzy Mcfuzzball” – Kara Levy, 6th grade

There is no doubt that Stormy is a valuable asset to our school, and is loved by students, parents, teachers, and staff. Even if she barges in during a lesson!

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