Movie Review: Shazam!

By Kai Hannigan

On May 5, DC released its newest superhero movie, an action comedy titled “Shazam!”, starring Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, and Jack Dylan Grazer. The story is about an orphaned boy named Billy Batson who receives the gift of superpowers, but needs to learn how to use and control them.

In this film, DC does a great job of making viewers care about the characters by taking time to build believable back stories for many of them. For instance, instead of the main protagonist being some super being that came from another planet or a revenge-seeking millionaire born to rich parents who tragically died, Billy Batson is a 14-year-old orphan who is trying to find his parents after losing his mom as a young boy in an amusement park.

Despite this being a superhero movie, there is a deeper underlying theme, which is that family is very important, even if it isn’t the family you expected it to be. As the movie opens, Billy is sent to his seventh foster home, having run away from the previous six, and finds himself amidst kind and welcoming people. Later in the movie, these people are the ones who help him to become a real superhero, not just a strong man with magical powers.

Over all, DC’s “Shazam!” is a great movie with a fun plot and relatable characters. The characters are well developed, funny, and likable, even if they aren’t as deep or sophisticated as some other superhero characters, like the ones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same goes for the plot, as it is interesting and entertaining, but not as serious as other movies of its kind. All things considered, “Shazam!” is an exciting and funny roller coaster of a movie, despite its weak points. I would recommend it and encourage any reader to go and watch it.

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