Goodbye to Ms. Garner

By Kai Hannigan

Bay Farm’s garden teacher, Ms. Garner Takahashi-Morris, recently announced that she would be leaving her position as the upper grade garden teacher to focus more on her other jobs. Ms. Garner held her final classes on January 31 and many of our school’s staff and students miss her dearly.

As a moving-on gift to Ms. Garner, the school made her four ginormous scrapbooks, and each student created a beautiful page to contribute, holding fond memories and thanks. The scrapbooks were lovingly presented to her on January 28 at morning ceremony.

“I’m very sad that she’s leaving, but I am also very happy for her,” said 7th grader and former GACC (Garden and Cooking Club) member Viola Warming. Many others in the Bay Farm community feel similarly, such as 8th grade GACC member Chau Doan and 5th grader Kira Hannigan.

Ms. Garner was a giant part of Bay Farm’s Go-Green efforts, being one of the leaders of the middle school’s BEAT club (Bay Farm Environmental Action Team), and teaching students how to sort and compost yard and food waste in the garden.

Mrs. Kuttner, 2nd grade teacher and head of the middle school BEAT club, said that Ms. Garners garden program “helped students build an appreciation for nature by learning outdoors,” which is one of the main goals of Bay Farm School’s Go-Green program. One of Mrs. Kuttner’s favorite memories of when Ms. Garner was teaching at Bay Farm was when her students would run up to her with a hug, shouting “Mrs. Gardener!!!”

Many of Bay Farm School’s staff and students miss Ms. Garner, but are also excited for her and her new adventures in life.

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