Competition shows off school spirit

By Emily Ye

This year, just as every year, Bay Farm middle school held a competition for school spirit wear. The 2018-2019 winner is one that is known among the 7th and 8th graders as a good artist–our very own–Kai Hannigan! He has been recognized before for his incredible artistic skill, but this year, everyone gets a chance to say, “I’m wearing Kai!”

Unlike most design entries, which were drawn by hand, Kai used a drawing app on his iPad to create the extraordinary design.

“I thought of it as a fun way to adventure out of my comfort zone and try something different!” Kai said.

Kai’s line of clothing will be featured on shirts, sweatshirts, and crew neck sweatshirts in different colors.

“The sweatshirts will be offered in white, light grey, and turquoise this year. The turquoise is really pretty, and contrasts with the logo!” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Last year, the winners were current 7th grader Nolan Schultz and current 9th grader Tyler Lee. They combined their designs to make a sports logo with “ Once a dolphin always a dolphin” written around a picture of a dolphin.

Kai credits his friends for playing a role in his awesome design. “I did have some help from my friends to decide on colors for certain parts of the logo,” he said. Kai also admitted that if he had not won the competition, “I would have trashed the hotel room! JK! I would have tried again next year.”

Be on the lookout for more designs from Kai, he says he’ll be making another entry for next year!

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