Government Shutdown Affects Students

By Kara Levy

President Donald Trump shut down the government earlier this year, and it was the longest shutdown in U.S. history! The shutdown ended on its 35th day. I interviewed two students about how this has affected them, since their parents work for the federal government. One student requested that their name not be used.

Dolphin Tail: What department do your parents work for?

Student 1: They work for the FDA.

Maleia (Student 2): FDA.


D.T.: How has your family been affected by the shutdown?

Student 1: We’re prepared for 6 months! We’re not affected.

Maleia: My parents have to spend their money a bit more wisely now.


D.T.: What kinds of things has your family been doing differently?

Student 1: I just said it…we’re prepared for a long time.

Maleia: Ummmmm…we’re not shopping as much and we use electricity less.


D.T.: What will you do if the shutdown continues?

Student 1: We’ll probably give up some TV stations, and buy fewer things. But it won’t go for 6 months!

Maleia: They’ll get another job. Or maybe we’ll live – no never mind. That won’t work…


D.T.: What is your opinion on this shutdown?

Student 1: The government’s a mess. It needs to get its act together!

Maleia: I hope it ends soon!


I also interviewed a couple of my fellow Dolphin Tail staff members about their opinions on the shutdown.

Student 1: “I think that the government shutdown is pretty bad because people work for the government without pay, and some have to support their families.”

Student 2: “I think that President Trump should choose to use his power more wisely because the shutdown isn’t helping anyone, let alone him!”

I bet some of you are wondering why our president shut the government down. The shutdown happened because the president wanted a wall to be built on our country’s southern border, but the Democrats in the U.S. Congress said “NO WAY.” Then, Trump shut the Federal government down. The reason the record shutdown ended is the Democrats and Trump finally reached a deal to end the shutdown, at least for a little while. We don’t know what will happen then. Maybe the U.S. will shut down again. Hopefully, it won’t, because so many people went without pay for weeks!

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