Students Get Creative at Cupcake Wars

By Emily Ye

Cupcake Wars, a competition for student bakers, was held at Bay Farm School on Nov. 5.

7th grader Valentina Suarez, who participated in the competition, said, “It’s a fun experience and the best part isn’t winning, but baking the cupcakes.”

Awards were given in three categories: creativity, taste, and uniqueness. One prize was awarded for each category in groups: K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8. The prizes were golden cupcake trophies.

“It’s a fun, cool way to show off,”  Ryan Liu, an 8th grader and winner in the Grades 6-8 category, said.

Here are the winners:

K-1st grade:

Best Technique:

Rainbow Birthday Cake:  Rowan Davidson, Teddy Costello, Nicholas Gee

Unicorn: Julia Petersen

Most Creative:

Kitten In Snowglobes:  Fiona Kaney

Best Taste:

Smores Deluxe:  Vinny Iazzetti

2nd Grade:

Best Technique:

Paint Pallette:  Benjamin Serrano

Most Creative:

Meadow:  Sara Smith, Molly Cho

Best Taste:

Bubblegum Dream:  Lani Heng

3rd Grade:

Best Technique:

Butterflies:  Emmy Petersen

Most Creative:

The Universe is Yummy!:  Evan Hackett

Best Taste:

Gravity Defying Cupcakes:  Lily Anderson, Paige Anderson

4th Grade:

Best Technique:

Swimming in the Ocean:  Chloe Lee

Most Creative:

Hot Dog:  Carmen Warming, Gigi Ooi

Best Taste:

Coco Surprize:  Austin League

5th Grade:

Best Technique:

Krista’s Kreation:  Krista Mehlberg

Most Creative:

Sweet Sushi Surprise!:  Kira Hannigan

Best Taste:

Hint of Mint:  Mateo Esparrago

6-8th grades:

Best Technique:

Colony Cupcakes:  Fionn Meagher

Most Creative:

Bacon Cheeseburger:  Jared Liu and Ryan Liu

Best Taste:

Cupcake #42:  Nikhita Bulusu


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