Are you smarter than a Bay Farmer?

By Christopher Wootton

On Thursday, May 24, the Bay Farm PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) held the fourth annual “Are You Smarter Than a Bay Farmer?” competition. The competition is a three-part trivia contest for Bay Farm middle schoolers, hosted by Rak Bhalla, a Bay Farm parent. In the first stage, kids compete individually for trophies and ribbons. In the second part, teams of kids represent their classes against other classes, for the prize of a pizza party. In the third part, kids from any class form teams, and face off against a teacher team and parent teams for medals.

This year the champions of the individual battle were Maksim M. in first place, Jack O. in second and Lucas C. in third. In class vs. class, the 8th grade team of Ryan C., Lucas C., Mia W. and Giselle M. won the pizza party. Finally in the students vs. adults, the 7th grade team of Caedmon, Hamza, Maksim, Levi, Rose, Hannah and Laura won first place, barely beating the teacher team of Mr. Valois, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Oducayen and Mrs. Linderme. The 8th grade team of Ryan, Lucas, Mia and Giselle won third. All in all, this competition was an exciting one, and we look forward to next year’s.

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