Girl Scouts Embrace New Tech for Cookie Sales

By Sofia Coffin

That time of year has come and gone again because, yes folks, it was Girl Scout cookie season. The first date that Girl Scouts were allowed to sell was January 3 and the last was March 4.

Bay Farm student Benjamin Wilson described Girl Scout Cookies as “delicious but unhealthy” and for the most part, people agree with him. They do average about fifty calories per cookie.

Bay Farm student Girl Scouts Sonia LeMonier and Nola Weston said, “It is a lot of work to sell cookies, but it is ultimately very rewarding, not only in experience, but in the money our troop makes.”

This year, Girl Scouts didn’t just take cookie orders door-to-door–a new program made it possible to take online cookie orders and make credit and debit card sales. “The Girl Scouts have firmly entered the digital age, and our waistlines may never recover,” Los Angeles Times reporter Deborah Netburn said.

Nationally, Girl Scouts sell more than 25 different types of cookies, but here in the Alameda Council, home to hundreds of Girl Scouts, they sell only 8 different types of cookies.
Here’s a basic rundown of the cookies you may have seen on sale at booths across town:

Thin Mints:

The most popular cookie in the past, a slender mint cookie coated in chocolate.

Approximately 32 cookies in a box. Debuted 1951.C1BB0633-86AE-4BEA-ADD3-822D5699823C-2020-00000312DFF81660

A close second, a caramel, coconut cookie drizzled in chocolate.

Approximately 14 cookies in a box. Debuted in 1990.

Savannah Smiles:

A crispy lemon cookie coated in powdered sugar.

Approximately 25 cookies in a box. Debuted in 1990.


A creamy peanut butter wafer cookie, coated in chocolate.

Approximately 15 cookies in a box. Debuted in 1990.


The classic shortbread cookie imprinted with the Girl Scout logo.

Approximately 40 cookies per box. Debuted in 1935, the original cookie.


Two oatmeal cookies with a layer of peanut butter in the middle.

Approximately 20 cookies per box. Debuted in the 1950’s.


A crumbly gluten-free cookie with bits of toffee.

Approximately 14 cookies per box. Debuted 2017.


A layer of marshmallow and a layer of chocolate encased in to crunchy wafer cookies.

Approximately 16 cookies per box. Debuted 2017.

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