Best of Bay Farm 2018

By Christopher Wootton

We polled roughly 148 Bay Farm Middle School students to get their take on what’s in and what’s out this year. The results provide a snapshot of what it’s like being a student at Bay Farm School. So drum roll please…here are the results for Best of Bay Farm 2018!

Favorite School Sport:Balls_
Track and Field 30%
Volleyball 25.5%
Boys’ Basketball 24%
Girls’ Basketball 20.5%

This year, running seems to be the thing. Track and Field is the most popular Bay Farm sport even though the season hasn’t even started yet.

Favorite Bay Farm School Club:
Unicorn Wednesday Lunch Group 19.7%
Garden and Cooking Club 18.5%
Glee Club 17.3%
Magic the Gathering Club 16.1%
TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) 15%
Journalism Club 9%
Beat Club 4.4%

This time around the recently formed Unicorn Wednesday Lunch Group topped our list. A group of 8th graders created the club in 2016, and current members eat lunch and play cards in Ms. Fong’s room. Its popularity has grown immensely and it now seems to be the most popular club.

Favorite Soft Drink:Soda_
Root Beer 33.3%
Other 25.1%
Coke 14.7%
Sprite 13%
Mountain Dew 8.1%
7Up and Pepsi 2.9%

Surprisingly, root beer beat out Sprite and Coke this year. With one-third of the total votes, root beer is certainly beating out the competition.

Favorite Alameda Ice Cream Parlor:Ice Cream_
Tucker’s 56%
Cookie Bar 15%
Loard’s 10.2%
Cream 7.8%
Other 11%

This year, Tucker’s, unsurprisingly, won again. From its vast selection of flavors to its huge servings, is there any wonder why it comes in first?

Bay Farm Island vs. Main Island:
Main Island 67.6%
Bay Farm Island 32.4%

This time the Main Island crushed Bay Farm Island with more than twice the votes.

Favorite Local Sports Team:Sports_
Golden State Warriors 57%
San Francisco Giants 12.3%
Oakland Raiders 9.6%
Oakland A’s 8.8%
San Jose Sharks 5.3%
49ers 4.4%
San Jose Earthquakes 2.6%

This year the Warriors topped the list (again), but who doubted that they wouldn’t? The Warriors are a Bay Farm favorite.

What would you add to this list? We want your feedback, so send us a letter or come to a “Dolphin Tail” meeting during lunchtime on Fridays.


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