Bay Farm Hosts First ‘Day of Play’

By Tomas Lombardo and Brandon Chu

On February 9, Bay Farm’s Student Council hosted a school-wide event as part of the Global Day of Play. The main focus of the event was to provide kids with an opportunity for unstructured play and fun.

During the hour of play, all Bay Farm students were able to play on any yard with any kid. Some teachers hosted smaller events in their classrooms. For example, Mrs. Reynolds had games in her classroom, while Mrs. Oducayen taught speed cup stacking in her room.IMG_20180209_142112

One of the most popular games was building structures with Ms. Kuttner.

“For our first ever Day of Play, it was a great success,” Mrs. Reynolds, who help organized the event, said. “We are also going to gather up feedback to make it even better for next year!”

Ava Pardo, a 6th grader, said, “I like that we get a break from learning.”

3rd grader Olivia Dupree said, “I like the play day because teachers aren’t bossing us around.”

This was Bay Farm School’s first Day of Play, and the Student Council hopes to bring it back next year for an even longer time of play.

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