Trip Takes 6th Graders to New Heights

By Tomas Lombardo and Mia Pailliotet

On October 11, the 6th graders visited Mother Lode in Coloma, Calif., for their annual overnight field trip, led by Ms. Oducayen and Ms. Reynolds. (If Coloma sounds familiar, it’s also located near the 4th grade overnight field trip.) The trip lasted 3 days and 2 nights and was definitely a trip to remember. Students participated in high ropes courses, including the “Leap of Faith,” which required a 30-foot climb up a tree and jumping to try to catch a bar. There was also rock climbing and “Pipe Dream,” in which partners walked across a rope in the air.

The 6th graders had an awesome time bonding over course of the trip. On the first day they had many activities in groups, such as trust activities and teamwork activities. Some of the groups did an activity called “Over and Up,” which involved getting your whole team over a wall 10 feet high. It was a great experience for the 6th graders.

“It was breathtaking!” Darren Heng, a 6th grader who went on the trip, said. “I would for sure do this again.”

Olle Fhyr, another 6th grader, said, “I really liked it. It was extraordinary!”

Ms. Reynolds, a teacher advisor, said, “By going at the beginning of the year, we establish bonds that will last us throughout the rest of the year. The other reason I think Mother Lode is perfect for this age group is they challenge themselves and take one more step proving that they can accomplish things that they never thought they could.”

Overall the 6th graders had an amazing time over the three days. They went river rafting, jumped off a towering 30-foot tree, did many team building activities, had meals, had fun, and had an extraordinary time.

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