Tournament Caps Off New Lunchtime League

By Christopher Wootton

Bay Farm middle schoolers have been setting and spiking their way through lunch with the recent organization of a lunchtime volleyball league. The new middle school P.E. teacher, Mr. Stebbins, created the league, which has been a huge success with 60 kids participating.

A November tournament brought together players from all three middle school grades. Six teams of around eight kids were led by team captains Ronan Johns, Noah Klube, Zachary Patterson Gollay, Nicholas Myovich, Ryan Chang and Collin Ng. Games took place over a couple weeks, culminating with Ryan Chang leading his team to victory. Mr. Stebbins said he organized the tournament “so kids could have more chances to play volleyball if they didn’t make the team.”

The games were held almost every day at lunch, except for a few days when wildfire-related smoke made it unsafe to play outside.

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