Student Leadership Gears Up for the Year

By Brandon Chu and Tomas Lombardo

On September 20, the 2017-18 Bay Farm School Student Leadership team was selected based on their leadership skills, creativity, honesty, and many other things by faculty advisors. The team includes students from 4th grade through 7th grade. The representatives are: Tomas Lombardo, Daniela Petersen, Brandon Chu, Lucia Arroyo, Katie Ha, Ethan Ha, Lauren Pustelnik,  Shion Koga-Dean, Maia Johns, Sydney Sumrok, Meave Kornak, Casey Koga-Dean, Ella Yu, Jeanine Achacoso, Samantha Obot and Collin Ng. The alternates are Levi Serrano and Jessica Bentley. The faculty advisors for Student Leadership include Ms. Joni Reynolds, Ms. Athena Breuer and Ms. Jamie Diaz Yates. The group includes some returning participants from last year: Tomas Lombardo, Maia Johns, Ella Yu, Ethan Ha, and Collin Ng, Ms. Joni Reynolds and Ms. Athena Breuer.

Student Leadership gets to organize events, sort Dolphin Awards, and do many other fun things to make Bay Farm School a better K-8 community. So far they have brainstormed events, sorted Dolphin Awards, and put on an awesome pumpkin carving contest.

Recently the student council organized a poster competition for “The 4 B’s.” This student competition was also held a couple years ago, but this year’s leadership wanted to highlight the addition of a fourth B. “The Four B’s” are Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible, and the newest addition, Be an Ally.

Asked why she is involved in student council, Mrs. Reynolds said, “I want to make Bay Farm the best place it can be, and I want more say in the Bay Farm community.”

Ms. Diaz Yates, another faculty advisor, said, “I want to become more involved in the student community and be more helpful with student events.”

Daniela Petersen, a 6th grade student and Student Leadership representative, said, “I want to help with the school-wide activities. I will help with events and be reporting to my classes.”

Student Leadership is currently in the process of getting all the representatives to their classes so you will hear from someone soon. And don’t worry, they have plenty more events in store for the rest of the year, so stay tuned!

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