Student Leadership Kicks Off

By staff writers Jeanine Achacoso, Brenden Dalipe and Heather Yeung

On March 3, the 2016-2017 Bay Farm School Student Leadership team was sworn in during Morning Ceremony. The team includes 4th through 8th graders: Jade Ah-Hing, Brenden Dalipe, Anika Hofmeyer, Ethan Ha, Ella Yu, Nicholas Ferguson, Mia Pailliotet, Maia Johns, Mia Bazo, Camryn Sumrok, Maya Yardeni, Tomas Lombardo, Jeanine Achacoso, Collin Ng, and Tom Elliot. The teacher advisors are Stacey Fong, Joni Reynolds, Athena Breuer, and Katie Linderme.

The Student Leadership program gives students a chance to help the community of Bay Farm School. So far, the team has brainstormed spirit days, sorted Dolphin Awards, and posted bios on the Media Center bulletin board!

Student Leadership recently created Bead Color Friday. Every Friday, all Bay Farm students wear their grade’s bead color. Their grade’s bead color is the color of the bead the grade uses to count the Dolphin Awards, which are awards for being kind, safe, and responsible. The grades compete to see who can get the most Dolphin Awards. The winner receives a huge dolphin plushie. Right now, the meetings are pretty mellow, but it is just the beginning! Plenty more spirit days and events are in Bay Farm’s future!


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