BEAT Club Targets Food Waste

By staff writer Elvis Obiorah

The Bay Farm Environmental Action Team is back with new projects and ideas about community service. The staff advisors are Mrs. Michele Kuttner and Mrs. Jamie Diaz-Yates. Ms. Emily Gerger, from the StopWaste organization, has also joined the team. Bay Farm School won the National Green Ribbon Award last year because of the efforts of this team and our entire school! You might be asking, “Where is Ms. Garner?” She is also an advisor, but comes and goes once in awhile, because she also takes care of the school garden.

The club, which has about 20 student members, is all about making the world a safer place for humans and animals. Students clean beaches to protect marine life from debris and take care of plants and gardens around the community during spring and summer.

The club believes it is important to do these things, so that in the year 3000, the world won’t be a trashtopia. “This year we have a whole new set of projects planned and I’m excited to work with this great group of students,” Mrs. Kuttner said.

The club, which is currently focusing on the problem of food waste, meets in Mrs. Diaz-Yates’ room during lunch every other Wednesday. During club meetings, the team discusses how to prepare for events, such as the Sustainability Dinner, which involved cooking your own vegetarian meal.

“I am really excited about the Sustainability Dinner,” Ms. Garner said. “I am really impressed with the many people who showed up. It is so exciting!”

BEAT Club students are also involved with Camp Arroyo, an environmental leadership training for middle and high school students from all over Alameda County as part of the Stop Waste Ambassador Project.

The BEAT Club wouldn’t be possible if Ms. Gerger didn’t come to help out. Ms. Gerger told the advisors about the Sustainability Dinner and Mrs. Kuttner and Mrs. Diaz-Yates decided that they should bring back the club.

For more information on BEAT Club, ask Mrs. Kuttner, Ms. Garner or Mrs. Diaz-Yates.

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