Bay Farm Basketball Enjoys Stellar Season

By staff writer Waverley Achacoso

For the first time in Bay Farm Middle School’s history, the boys basketball team won a DII Championship title, scoring a bucket with 6 seconds on the clock against Lincoln Middle School, 38-37.

In the first game of the Dolphins’ undefeated season, they pulled out a decisive win against Wood Middle School, 42-21. They continued stacking up the wins, beating the Jr. Jets (46-24), Lincoln (42-33), ACLC/NEA (48-31), and Academy of Alameda (47-42). The boys won their playoff game against the Jr. Jets 39-10.

The players, coached by Sam Ng and assistant coach Agustin Garcia, included:

Landon Marsh (7th Grade): #1

Jaden Johnson (8th Grade): #3

Gabriel Garcia (6th Grade): #4

Brandon Wong (6th Grade): #5

Nebiyu Teklemariam (7th Grade): #8

Gavin Cao (6th Grade): #9

Robel Binyam (7th Grade): #12

Thomas Elliott (6th Grade): #19

Nick Robertson (6th Grade): #20

Jack Obot (6th Grade): #21

Collin Ng (6th Grade): #23

John Nguyen (7th Grade): #24

Ayden Pasiderio (6th Grade): #30

Pablo Vessali (6th Grade): #31

Thomas Igo (7th Grade): #33

”The team played effectively through good teamwork and leadership,” Sam Ng said. “The 7th and 8th graders have been strong leaders for the 6th graders.”

The 2016-2017 Bay Farm girls basketball team. Photo by Phoebe Liu.

The girls basketball team wrapped up their season with 3 wins and 3 losses. The eight girls from all three grades, coached by Dean, included:

Bella Bazo (6th Grade): #4

Artemisia Chargualaf (6th Grade): #5

Jenna Kwong (6th Grade): #7

Andrea Chan (6th Grade): #10

Amelie Simpson (7th Grade): #12

Nkechi Ezirim (8th Grade): #20

Katie Ha (6th Grade): #30

Kya Fulton (7th Grade): #35

The girls started their season with a win over Jr. Jets, 26-11, although their second and third games were tough ones. They lost to Wood, 40-4, and Lincoln, 37-9. They ended their last two round-robin games with wins over ACLC/NEA, 22-11, and a tight one over Academy of Alameda, 24-23. However, they faltered in the first playoff round, losing to ACLC/NEA, 20-13.

“We worked well throughout the season,” Nkechi Ezirim said. “but I didn’t expect too much.”

“We had a lot of losses,” Bella Bazo said. “I was surprised to win in a couple of games.”

“There were more losses than wins,” Andrea Chan said. “I think we deserved to win, we tried hard.”

Congratulations to the teams!


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