‘Backpack Challenge’ Poses Threat to Safety

By staff writer Brenden Dalipe

Millions of years of evolution, and it leads…to this?! Wow. Congratulations, human race, you’ve come up with a weird trend that can somehow kill you faster than eating McDonald’s every day!

The backpack challenge requires running through a group of people who are throwing backpacks full of laptops and textbooks. I cannot believe someone would think of doing these things! I mean, those backpacks are most likely extremely heavy and could break a few bones, considering what the average high schooler has to bring to school! Plus, one of those backpacks could accidentally hit the runner’s head, possibly even killing them! Now do you want to try something stupid like that?!

Students line up for a “Backpack Challenge.” Image courtesy of FactRiver.

The creator of the popular YouTube channel Behind the Meme states that “many media outlets [are] reporting on how this challenge could be a potential problem for bullying and just the simple wellbeing of students.”

To sum it up, the backpack challenge has no reason to exist other than being “funny.” Like Behind the Meme says, “The backpack has gone from a tool that many people use to carry around their school supplies to a fashionable weapon to give your best friend brain damage!” Let’s see how the human race endangers itself once again in the future…

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