8th Graders Take on the East Coast

By staff writer Mia Bazo

Just a few months remain before the 8th graders of Bay Farm School enter the stress of high school. (Sounds scary, right?) But it’s not too bad when I think about all the wonderful memories I’ll have at the end of this school year. For us 8th graders, we’ll have promotion, the reception, a trip to Great America, and some of us are lucky enough to go on a class trip to the East Coast. This year, instead of visiting New York and D.C. during spring break, we will be going during the summer and visiting two more states.

The trip will last one week, and we’ll be visiting Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. We will be traveling during the first week of summer!

Currently we’ve got a lot of students going. If a few more sign up, we’ll be able to have a private tour with only Bay Farm students, rather than combining with another school. On our trip we will visit places like the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon, Broadway, and more.

It’s going to be a trip I won’t forget! Especially because of all the walking involved. We will walk an average of 5 miles a day, with places to stop and rest on the way. We will all be so tired when we get back to the hotel.

To help raise funds for this trip we hosted a Movie Night. About 40 kids attended and we watched “Captain America: Civil War.” It was successful, raising $500.

I’m most looking forward to seeing a Broadway show and visiting D.C. because I have never been there before. The one downside is having Trum-…actually let’s not turn this into an angry political mess…Anyway, the 8th graders are super excited to go with Ms. Linderme, Mrs. Freitas, Mrs. Clement, and possibly Mrs. Diaz on this wonderful journey! We will get to see actual historical places, instead of just reading about it in our textbooks and wanting to visit. For the past two years 8th graders have gone on this trip and now it’s our turn!

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