Girl Scout Carnival: “Everyone Belongs”

By staff writer Mia Bazo

“Everyone Belongs.” That is a saying used all around the Bay Area, to show we accept everyone no matter who they may love, their gender, or their race.

Four 8th-grade girls in Girl Scout troop 32999 — Mia Bazo, Skye Krainer, Maikhanh Hoang and Khai-Ly Tran — decided to use this philosophy to construct their Silver Award Project, which is earned in your third year as a Cadette. In order to finish this project, which leads to the Gold Award, they must construct a project that will leave a lasting legacy.

With only two weeks left, 30 hours of community service, and long meetings, they are close to the finish. These girls have planned a carnival with the “Everyone Belongs” motto. The troop has been working on the project since October 2.

“Girl Scouts really shows a girl what a girl can do: becoming independent, strong, and responsible,” said Skye Krainer, a student at Lincoln Middle School.

The carnival will take place on March 11 from 1-3pm at Lincoln Middle School. It will be a fun, family-friendly event run by local middle schoolers and parents. There will be food, games, art, prizes, and music.

“This project will inspire girls to do great things,” said Khai-Ly Tran, also an 8th grader at Lincoln Middle School.