The Basketball Player

By 6th grade contributor Dillon Wong  

Steph Curry is my favorite basketball player. I watch all his games on TV, but have never been to one in real life, although I hope to at some point. He plays on a basketball team called the “Warriors”. He plays point guard. He is one of the most popular basketball players in the NBA. His jersey number is 30. I have his red and blue jerseys. I am a big fan.

Steph Curry is very famous for his shots. My favorite shot from Steph Curry was the half court buzzer beater. I also have a Warriors basketball. It is my favorite, lucky basketball. I was very bad with a regular basketball, but with the Warriors basketball I made a lot of three-pointers. Whatever I do with the Warriors ball I don’t do as well with a regular ball. Steph Curry is a role model to me.