Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: What I Think

By staff writer Brenden Dalipe

Gangnam Style, a Korean music video and track, was released in September 2012. It’s earned about 2 billion views on YouTube since then. I even had it back when I owned a turd known as an iPhone 3… I never said that. Anyways, a few months ago, a new (probably… I’m not sure) Korean video has shown up, earning tens of millions of views in weeks. WEEKS. It’s called… well, I mean, you know already. It’s PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

Pineapple PenAn odd name, isn’t it? At least it’s not clickbait. This video is a worldwide phenomenon – but why? Today, you and I will analyze this video to see what makes it so popular.

PPAP consists of utter nonsense. A man in aviators and spotted clothes puts imaginary pineapples, apples, and pens together in front of a white background while dancing and playing on the keyboard. I… I can’t even to comprehend what this is. Why pineapples and apples? Why not grapes or oranges? Why would you even put fruits and pens together? Why do people watch this? And most importantly: What has society become?!

Here’s how the lyrics go: I have a pen, I have an apple. Uh! Apple Pen! I have a pen, I have pineapple. Uh! Pineapple Pen! Apple pen… Pineapple pen… uh! Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! Thanks to for the lyrics.

Pen PineappleIn my opinion (as well as many others’), PPAP is just copying Gangnam Style’s absurdity, but doing it very well. It’s original, funny, and now a meme… for some reason. I guess anything really can… just look at Ken Bone. Who really knows what’ll be next? Something about backpacks? Oh… well, would you look at that. Guess I’ll have to check that out too.