Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

By staff writer Brenden Dalipe

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective… a Capcom classic from 2010. It had great animation for its time, great story, and even better character design. Unlike many video games, Ghost Trick answers every single question a player asks about the game, without leaving any other questions or fan theories. Sorry, Game Theorists.

Ghost Trick is a game where… you’re dead. YAY! Apparently, since you’re dead, you can enter the Ghost World, the Land of the Dead. You can then get access to certain inanimate objects (NOT a human or corpse, even though technically a corpse IS inanimate.) using a Trick. Now you understand why the game… is called Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

You wake up apparently unconscious, only to find a dead body, and a woman being threatened by a hitman! Just before the woman is killed, you enter the Ghost World in order to save this woman, as you realize she’s your only lead as to why you have died tonight. Unfortunately, the woman has died – you couldn’t save her… Wait! Who’s that? A… talking lamp…? Okay, apparently you can time travel (because YES! TIME TRAVEL!) 4 minutes before someone’s death… to avert their fate. By now, you have learned that you can’t manipulate corpses, so you use what you’ve been taught by this lamp to actually save this girl’s life… and crush Near-Sighted Jeego (the hitman) under a wrecking ball. You vigilante…

Anyways, before you saved the woman by going back in time a second time, Near-Sighted Jeego answered a phone call after he killed the woman. The talking lamp says you can do something super crazy: you can travel across telephone lines! How convenient! Well, it’s time to leave this place to find who ordered you and the woman’s murder. Wait…
The talking lamp has something to say to you. His name is Ray, and he tells you that you only have until the sun rises to find a lead, because by then, you’ll fade away. Anyways, let’s go and find who this murderer is…

Well, you’ll have to find out yourself! You’ll have to find what your name is, what the woman’s name is, why you’re at a junkyard, and most important of all: WHY ARE YOU DEAD? After all, you’re a Phantom Detective!

If you want to see what Ghost Trick’s like, go ahead and click here!

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