Video Game Review: Destiny

By staff writer Brenden Dalipe

Become legend.

Ever wondered what it’s like to shoot guns at aliens in outer space? Well, just play Destiny — you’ll get a feel for what it’s like. Bungie, the creators of Halo, and Activision, the creators of Call of Duty worked together in order to create Destiny, so you know it’s gonna be great!

The game was released on September 9, 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Destiny is set in the Milky Way in the 71st century. A certain force called The Darkness is about to take over the universe (once again, because it has done this before), and a group of space pioneers known as the Guardians are the only people who can stop it. Before the Guardians, another force known as the Traveller was what stopped the Darkness. Now, the only thing left from the Traveller is The Speaker, the voice of The Traveller.

Screen shot 2016-06-10 at 8.55.25 AMBefore you start the game, you can choose what type of Guardian you want to be. Do you want to be a Hunter, a Titan, or a Warlock? Each class has their own personality. Titans want to be up close and LOVE using their fists, especially if they have to. Hunters (of course) are best using guns, and usually like being the stalking type. Warlocks can cast spells and use magic to kill their enemies. Once you’ve picked your class, you can choose your species, gender, and the way your face looks. You can change your skin color, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, face marks, etc. When you get to choose your species and gender, do you want to be a male or female, and do you want to be a human, Awoken, or Exo?

One day, you wake up in what’s now Old Russia, a dystopian version of Russia (in the same year the Darkness is attempting to rule the universe). You wake up in a car wreck, and the first thing you see (besides one of the biggest dystopian highway jams ever) is… a Ghost? No no no, not your normal, bedsheet draped over themself ghost, the star (sort of) shaped flying machine, the Ghost. Apparently, you’ve been dead for a long, long, long time, and you’re destined (See where the title’s coming from? Yeah.) to be a Guardian, so the Ghost revived you.

Now we’re getting to a good part (well, sort of)! You finally get to run around, but you have to run inside an old building to find a weapon, so you can actually shoot some aliens! Wait… I’m supposed to fight aliens with THIS?! THE KHVOSTOV 7G-02?! … I’d rather use my fists, to be honest.

Anyways, you now get to pull a trigger for once, because some aliens from the Fallen (a group of aliens) called Dregs start attacking you! Later on, you can actually use your fists instead of your gun! Well, that’s only if you become a Titan and know how to melee (the RB bumper on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, most likely R1 on PlayStations).  

Eventually, you find a chest (you’ll find more later on with GREAT stuff) loaded with… A SHOTGUN?! Boy, am I going to enjoy mowing aliens down with this…

But then, your Ghost discovers a jumpship! That jumpship can help you get out of Old Russia, and fly to the last city on Earth (because the rest of it is basically like Old Russia). Unfortunately, you can’t just hop in that easily – it’s guarded by the Fallen. There’s also something even worse – the area you just walked (or ran) into was a Respawning Restricted area. If you die, you get sent back to the most recent checkpoint you passed. If you don’t have too much skill in FPS (or first person shooter) games, I’d say you’ll die at least once or twice, to be honest.

As you and the Ghost leave in the newly discovered jumpship, a certain figure is watching you from the roof of the old building you just flew from. Who are they?

After the level ends, you get a progress report, showing how much experience you earned, and what your rewards were – say you just completed the level earlier! You would earn some sort of armor or gun.

If you earn new armor and guns, you should switch them with your old item ASAP, because that would increase your Light level. However, some armor and guns require you to be a certain level. For now, stick with what you’ve got.

You’ve finally landed on the last city on Earth – or at least, a tower on the last city on Earth. This game is not only an FPS, but it’s an MMO, which is short for MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, so that means every time (including this time) other REAL players will be visiting, as well.

If you’re done with what you want to do at the tower and want to leave, use your Ghost – eventually (because the loading screens in this game are SO long), you’ll be in orbit. From here you can choose where to go in the Solar System, and the only way to unlock new planets to explore is to level up and complete levels in the campaign. Even then, you can’t explore the entire solar system.

Once you do unlock what you can, you can travel to play PvP (or Player vs. Player), to Mars, Venus, the Moon, the Tower (last city on Earth), the Reef (it’s like exploring a nebula), and daily raids (working together with other people on a level).

Destiny is a bit of a unique game, but still has the features of a regular FPS, too. That’s why I give Destiny a 7.7 out of 10. The story was poor, original voice acting for the Ghost was horrid, but the graphics were good, music was amazing, and I really do like the amount of detail they put into this game.

Want more? Click here in order to see some gameplay of Destiny!

Please be advised: This video is during E3, so it’s not completely the same, but the final game can relate to this.