Graphic Novel Review: Nimona

By student contributor Jordan Marshall

The author’s point of view of this book called Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knock for villains, and crime. I agree! She, Nimona can turn her body into and  dragon, rat, snake, bat, cat, dear, rabbit, and many other animals.

Who is Nimona? “You see here”, Nimona is a 17 Year old girl who has shape shifting power and is into crime and kicking butt.The reason Nimoa has shapeshifting power is because a wicked Witch gave it to her. Apparently, Nimona is Lord Blackheart’s sidekick.   

Lord Ballister,” Blackheart”, is an evil King who has a bad relationship, fighting with a guy named Sir Ambrose Goldenions. Sir Ambrose Goldenions is a hero and Lord BlackHeart’s big rival. He is the reason why Lord Blackhart lost his arm. Blackhart had lost it because Sir Ambrose Goldenions shot him in shame when he, Goldenions lost! That is why they had been rivals for years, ever since that day.

In conclusion, for this graphic novel called Nimona, I would rate it 5 stars, because it has all of the topics, and details that I like in the book such as drama and action.