Better film: “Jurassic” or “Civil War”?

By student contributor Carlo Gaytan

The movies Jurassic World and Captain America: Civil War are both really high quality films. They share many things in common and they also have a few differences.

The movies are similar in many areas. For example, the plot had almost the same idea in both movies. In both movies it starts out with a disorder or disagreement. Then this disorder or disagreement leads to fighting or trying to put things in order. Then at the end there’s a big fight or a dramatic event that either evens out the argument or ends up distorting everything which ends the movie.

Both of the movies were quite dramatic and exciting. Jurassic World had sad parts at the beginning because people died due to a dangerous dinosaur that escaped. In Civil War there was a secret sad part at the beginning, because somebody died. So both movies had scattered sad parts throughout. Both movies mostly take place in the present, although some parts of Civil War took place in the past. Overall both movies had many things in common.

But they also had a few things that were different. For example, the special effects were put into different parts of the movies. In Jurassic World, the special effects were put into making the dinosaurs look more realistic, and how the dinosaurs would have acted. They also concentrated the special effects on how the dinosaurs would have eaten the people in the movie. Meanwhile, in Civil War, the special effects were put into making the fighting scenes more realistic and all the explosions look more realistic.

The differences in the fighting in both movies were that in Jurassic World the people were fighting dinosaurs and in Civil War there were people fighting against people. In Jurassic World there was only one plot. In Civil War there many plots woven together.

In my opinion, Captain America: Civil War is a better movie than Jurassic World. I think this because Civil War is a longer movie, and has more interesting and exciting plots. It also has more meaning, because the story is more intense,exciting, and dramatic than Jurassic World. The ending of Civil War is more surprising, thrilling, and rich. Overall, I think Captain America: Civil War is the better quality movie.