A review of Captain America: Civil War

By student correspondent Lucas Corriero

The movie Captain America: Civil War is an amazing movie with a few minor faults.

When I saw this movie I was so intrigued, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. This is why I am writing this essay. My essay will cover the highlights of the film, the choice of characters, and the faults of the film.

The two highlights of this film were when Captain America’s soldiers and Iron Man’s soldiers fight, and when Iron Man finds out that Bucky killed his parents. The reason I enjoyed watching Captain America’s soldiers and Iron man’s soldiers fight is because there was so much action and a chain of amazing moments. I liked the moment I discovered that Bucky killed Iron man’s parents is because it added drama to the film. Right after he found out, the two sides started fighting, this time just Captain America and Bucky. This was super cool because I had been wondering who would win in a fight, Captain America or Iron man. These are just some of the highlights of this great film.

The choice of characters in this film was amazing. The reason I say this, is they had some of my favorite characters like Spider Man and Ant Man. I think these characters really improved this movie. An example is, during a really intense fight scene, they add comedic relief. I like this because I feel that Marvel movies can get too serious sometimes and it helps to laugh a little to lighten the mood.

Though I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, it was not perfect. Here are some the movie’s faults. The first fault is the movie was so long; it was 2 hours and 27 min. I am a huge Marvel fan, but this movie took forever. Another fault is Tony talks about the reckless endangerment of innocent people in this movie, yet he brings in Spider Man who, I remind you, is a teenager and has nothing to do with this war, yet Iron man sends him out to fight against superheroes. How does this make sense?

In conclusion, this was an extraordinary movie, in spite of a few faults. The highlights were memorable, the choice of characters was extravagant, and the faults were few. I think tweens should watch this movie because it’s their maturity level. I wonder If they did fight to the death who would have won? Overall this is a great movie to watch.