Two 8th Graders Reflect on time at BFMS

Dear Bay Farm,

It has been a long three years. There were many ups and downs, but we made it! Surprise! That means others can too.

At first, it was hard for us. Many friends were at Lincoln, and it was our dearest ambition to be with them. But then? Then we realized we could still see friends, and that we were already going to a great school. Bay Farm itself is great. With all the additional clubs, field trips, activities, and the concept of BYOD it was even better. We’re glad we stayed at Bay Farm for middle school.

Looking back, we remember all the happy moments and memories that we had at Bay Farm. Throughout the past three years, we met new friends and grew as people.

At first, we thought middle school would be like the ‘typical’ middle school cliché, where there would be kids who would be classified as ‘popular’ or ‘nerdy’, but it was not like that at all. Everyone here at least knows each other’s names, and have many friends who are not stuck in a particular group or ‘class’. Those troubled thoughts about how it might be like a ‘middle school movie’ quickly went away after the first few days of school.

We really liked the field trips that our school provided for us, especially the overnight trips and the trips to Park Street. On those trips, we learned more about classmates, teachers, and ourselves. Being in new environments and ‘facing our fears’ was eye-opening. We hope that we can show others how important it is to try new experiences and to not let your fears control you.

Since we joined the Journalism Club, we felt that we were even more connected and involved with Bay Farm. We interviewed students and teachers, either face-to-face or online, spent time researching, writing and editing articles. With the help of caring staff and parents, we were able to find out through The Dolphin Tail that Bay Farm is building a new middle school building, and that Bay Farm will continue to have exciting school events like Movie Nights, dances, and ‘Are You Smarter Than A Bay Farmer?’.

It’s been a good three years. On to the next adventure.

Kyra Kong & Chloé Amaden
Kyra and Chloé will be attending Alameda High School next year.