Track & Field finishes at top

By staff writer Waverley Achacoso

BFMS’s track and field earned accolades this year.

The track team had their first all-comers meet on April 12 and their second all-comers meet on April 20 at the College of Alameda, and BFMS’s field team had their first all-comers meet on April 14 and their second all-comers meet on April 21 at Encinal High School.

Middle schoolers from BFMS participated in the track events of the 1600 meter run, the 200 meter dash, the 400 meter dash, the 100 meter dash, the 800 meter run, and the 4×200 meter relay, and the field events of the running long jump, the shot put, and the mini-javelin, the new field event this year.

“Everyone on the team did a great job on their first times out,” said Coach Joni Reynolds. “I was especially proud of the team members who took a risk and tried events that were out of their comfort zones!”

The field championship meet was on May 12 at Encinal High school. Bay Farm was able to take home several top awards:

Long Jump:
Sophie Fooks (6th Grade): 1st Place
Alex Ward (6th Grade): 2nd Place
Malcolm Fooks (7th Grade): 4th Place

Shot Put:
Helen Doyle (6th Grade): 4th Place
Mia Bazo (7th Grade): 4th Place
Tommy Igo (6th Grade): 2nd Place

Mia Bazo (7th grade): 1st Place
Sophie Fooks (6th Grade): 1st Place
Helen Doyle (6th Grade): 3rd Place
Samantha Poulson (6th Grade): 5th Place
Hugh Saulsbury(6th Grade): 1st Place
Puru Gajare (6th Grade): 2nd Place
Tommy Igo (6th Grade): 3rd Place

Bay Farm’s Track Finals, held on Wednesday, May 18 at the College of Alameda, were also award winning. Here are the results:
Girls 200m:
Sophie Fooks (6th Grade): 2nd Place
Mia Wootton (6th Grade): 8th Place
Daisy Williams (6th Grade): 14th Place
Mia Bazo (7th Grade): 7th Place
Boys 200m:
Zeno Zacks (6th Grade): 13th Place
Quinn Dooley (7th Grade): 8th Place
Girls 400m:
Helen Doyle (6th Grade): 9th Place
Emily Lau (8th Grade): 4th Place
Boys 400m:
Lukas Schneider (7th Grade): 3rd Place
Malcolm Fooks (7th Grade): 8th Place
Justin Wong (7th Grade): 11th Place
Girls 100m:
Sophie Fooks (6th Grade): tied in 3rd Place
Mia Wootton (6th Grade): 11th Place
Mia Bazo (7th Grade): 16th Place
Boys 100m:
Ryan Chang (6th Grade): 3rd Place
Alex Ward (6th Grade): 6th Place
Thomas Igo (6th Grade): 10th Place
Zeno Zacks (6th Grade): 15th Place
John Burton (7th Grade): 11th Place
Cameron Page (8th Grade): 7th Place
Relays (4×200):
6th Girls (Mia Wootton, Daisy Williams, Samantha Poulson, Camryn Sumrok): 4th Place
6th Boys (Thomas Igo, Nathan King, Alex Ward, Ryan Chang): 5th Place
7th Boys (Malcolm Fooks, Lukas Schneider, Justin Wong, John Burton): 3rd Place

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