Word from the editor: Thanks for reading

Dear Bay Farm students and The Dolphin Tail readers:

It’s been a great year this year. I was very happy to see all the views The Dolphin Tail received. I am glad that our Journalism Club has been putting out articles that you’ve enjoyed. I hope you want this student publication to continue for the years to come.

As Editor-in-Chief, I’ve learned a lot of lessons, not just with the club, but with myself and my role. This year was my first time being Editor-in-Chief of any newspaper, and I found that the job was more than I expected. I now know what is coming for the future. I am hoping to still be Editor next year, my last year at Bay Farm, as I will be in 8th grade.

I hope that for next year and all the years to come, you will enjoy the Dolphin Tail and help us make it better. If you’ve got an interest in being part of our staff, join our club next year! Thank you for a great year, have fun during the summer, and I’ll see you next year!

Waverley Achacoso
Editor-In-Chief of The Dolphin Tail