Ask M: Summer vacation

By staff writer Mia Bazo

illustration-of-a-black-and-white-stick-man-water-skiing-by-pams-clipart-652To end the school year, I’ve decided to leave you with some unsolicited advice!

While you enjoy your summer, make sure to stay in the moment. I promise it won’t be hard at all.

For the people out there who stress about next year and how well they’ll do, don’t worry. A little stress is alright but too much can ruin your summer. Besides, what can you really do about it until fall? Next year will be great, trust me. There will be challenges and rough times but you’ll get through it.

I’m going into 8thth grade next year, and I’m not so excited about being older and having more responsibilities, but I know I’ll have fun anyway. For now, I can only worry about final tests, worksheets, and homework (still the same thing I’ve been worrying about all year). I have my friends, family, and teachers to help me get through the very end.

Have the best summer ever! See you next year 😉


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