Are You Smarter Than a Bay Farmer

By staff writer Sofia Coffin

Adults, teachers and students recently broke out their trivia knowledge just to see… “Who’s Smarter Than a Bay Farmer?”

This fun trivia competition, which happened Thursday, May 26th, included categories for Individual, Class Team, and Kids vs. Adults.

The Class Teams included one 5th grade team, four 6th grade teams, one 7th grade team — and the winners, the 8th grade team.

In the Kids vs Adults category, There were Kids Team #1, Kids Team #2 (a.k.a. The Sparkly Unicorns), Kids Team #3, Kids Team #4, vs. Staff Infestation (a.k.a. The Teachers) and the Adults. In the end, Staff Infestation won.

“Some people lost and some people won, but no matter your score or rank, it was a fun experience for everyone,” said 6th grader Sonia LeMonier of The Sparkly Unicorns.

Eighth grader Jay Bond won in the Individual category.

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