Middle schoolers visit AHS for “Footloose”

By staff writer Waverley Achacoso

On March 3rd, 2016, high schoolers from Alameda High School presented a musical, Footloose, to a couple of middle schools and elementary schools, including Bay Farm Middle School.

The play was about a boy from Chicago who loves to dance. He and his mother move to the small town of Beaumont, Texas, where he learns that dancing is banned in the town. As the boy struggles to “un-ban” dancing, he encounters many enemies, but eventually friendships and love.

BFMS students enjoyed the outing and the production.

“I thought that footloose was really fun and entertaining,” said 7th grader Mia Troncoso. “The acting was sensational, as well as the singing!”

“I liked Footloose,” agreed 6th grader Mirielle Fong. “It was very similar to the actual movie, and I liked how they made it appropriate for kids.”

While the other schools walked back to their schools or to a park for lunch, BFMS students got to eat lunch on Park Street. They broke into informal groups and chose where to eat and what shops to visit.

“It was really fun to go out on Park Street,” said 7th grader Roslyn Torres. Seventh grader Evelyn Le agreed. “The lunch on Park Street after the play was a nice and relaxing chance to have fun with my friends,” she said.

“The Park Street lunch was fun,” said Mirielle Fong. “It made me feel like I’m mature enough to go out and be free.”

Bay Farm also didn’t walk to Alameda High to see the play. Sixth graders got to the play and back to school by cars from parent volunteers. Seventh and 8th graders took AC Transit buses to the play and back to school.