Underdog volleyball team puts in effort

By staff writer Ronan Johns

The Bay Farm Middle School volleyball team fought hard all season but had a tough time getting a win.

The game was played at Wood Middle School on October 30. With a 1-5 record going into the game, Bay Farm was looking to win their second game while being the definite underdogs. Wood not only had the home advantage, but they also had a player advantage with a bench of 20 players, while Bay Farm only had 12 players. Wood’s final advantage over Bay Farm was their team’s age and height, compared to Bay Farm’s.

In the first match, both teams started off playing well; but after 10 plays, Bay Farm started to lose steam. Wood won 25-6.

Bay Farm was eager to put some points on the board in the second match and for a time had a 5-point lead. Bay Farm put up a good fight but in the end, it wasn’t enough. Wood came back and beat the Dolphins 25-15.

Coach Scott Slez was asked what the team needed to work on and responded with, “We need to work on everything! But some things more than others.” Coach Slez also said that the team did awesome on bumping, moving, and serving.