BFMS elects student government

By staff writers Brenden Dalipe and Zeno Zacks

Middle School Student Government representatives have been announced for this school year!

Representatives for grades 6, 7, and 8 are 8th grader Chloé Amaden, 6th grader Veronica Baum, 7th grader Mia Bazo, 7th grader Serena Bhalla, 8th grader Jay Bond, 6th grader Ryan Chang, 6th grader Brenden Dalipe, 6th grader Saima Hassan, 6th grader Tommy Igo, 6th grader Selena Phu, 6th grader Camryn Sumrok, 7th grader Mia Troncoso, 7th grader Ethan Wong, and 6th grader Zeno Zacks.

8th grader Jay Bond was elected president. Co-Vice Presidents are 6th grader Zeno Zacks and 8th grader Megan Tansey. Selena Phu will be taking minutes as Secretary. Teacher Katie Linderme will once again serve as Student Government advisor.

The Student Government will be planning many events planned this year! Stay tuned!