Bay Farm students enjoy performing arts

By staff writer Evelyn Rutherford

“Just the same, I am wishing, in the name of every young girl who wanted to go to a dance and was told that she couldn’t.”

Screen shot 2015-12-07 at 2.36.18 PMThat was a line from Cinderella, the latest play that Tomorrow Youth Repertory, an acting group, is working on. Several Bay Farm students are in the cast. They are also working on Into the Woods this fall through winter. Andrea Duffey, Teacher Bonnie Nelson Duffey’s daughter, worked on Cinderella with quite a few groups that included Bay Farm kids!

Bay Farm students are currently involved in several plays and performances around Alameda and in school.

Miss Bonnie is also doing a middle school play for Bay Farm students. Middle schoolers will be performing Snoopy in February. Snoopy is based off the Peanuts comics. Coincidentally, the Peanuts movie came out at about the time she had auditions in early December.

Screen shot 2015-12-07 at 2.36.32 PMThere was also The Pirates of Penzance, performed by people from The Lamplighters and some Bay Farm students. Pirates of Penzance was a mixture of emotions! I even saw teachers crying during some of the sad parts.

Come see Cinderella, Into the Woods, Snoopy, and enjoy all the shows!

Note: These are all the shows that the reporter knew about. If you want to share more shows, write a letter to the editor at!