Sixth graders submit articles

For this month’s issue, we are featuring submissions from four 6th graders. They wrote about a variety of different subjects.

This picture shows how big a regular-size crab is compared to “Crabzilla”

This picture shows how big a regular-size crab is compared to “Crabzilla”


Retold by 6th grade contributor Kristy Le
Real story on Grindtv

This “Crabzilla,” as you call it, was just saved from some mouths. The hero was a fish merchant who thought that the crab should go to an aquarium instead.

Crabzilla was caught at the coast of Portsmouth, U.K. The fisherman offered the crab to Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth. The Aquarium had accepted this very large crustacean.

“For an edible crab he is pretty sizeable,” Rob Davidson, an employee of Blue Reef Aquarium, said to the News in Portsmouth. “They can actually get a tiny bit bigger than this, according to most records, but I have never seen one this large.”

Claws of the “Crabzilla, having the strength of over 90 pounds per square inch to 25 pounds for a normal human hand.

Claws of the “Crabzilla, having the strength of over 90 pounds per square inch to 25 pounds for a normal human hand.

It is very scary however, isn’t it?…

The 10-year-old Crabzilla weighs over nine pounds and has an “claw span” of 21.6 inches from claw to claw. This crab’s claws have strength of over 90 pounds per square inch, while the regular human being has only 25 pounds per square inch! Pretty impressive for a crab, isn’t it!

This crustacean’s prey will have to stay away because its claws are used to crush and tear it apart until the prey has died.

“You wouldn’t want to dip your toe in any rock pool this crab was in,” Martyn Chandler told The Daily Mail. “He’s a fantastic-looking specimen with an awesome set of fist-sized claws. It is clear he has been around for a long time and it would be a shame for such an impressive-looking crab to end up as someone’s lunch.”

“He will definitely prove a hit with the visitors,” Davidson told The News. “It would be nice to see him on display as soon as possible.”


Evening on the Green

By 6th grade contributor Jamie Pak

Evening on the Green is one of Bay Farm’s most cherished traditions that is held every year at the school.

It is especially nice since it is a way for the whole Bay Farm community to join together and have a fun dinner picnic with family and friends. Also, it is a great way for not only Bay Farm kids to interact, but for the parents and teachers to meet new people and socially interact and have fun all together. Even when Evening on the Green is still held at school, it feels like a more different environment because it focuses more on meeting and enjoying each others company instead of focusing more on the school’s agenda. Every year, students from Bay Farm invite friends and family to gather together and enjoy a night out of fun activities, food, and meeting new people.

“I’ve been coming to Evening on the Green since 2004, and it’s always been exciting and fun each year I go.”
– Eugene Pak (Former Bay Farm Parent)

The activities that are held at Evening on the Green are karaoke and music. Also, a cherished event that runs during Evening on the Green is the Book Fair. The Book Fair is a great way for Bay Farm students and their parents to participate in reading and buying new great books that are held at the Media Center/Library. Usually at the Book Fair it is very crowded with kids and parents who are in line for buying the latest and exciting new books that are provided there for people to explore and find the latest books from their favorite authors. Mrs. Clement, the Media Center/Library teacher at Bay Farm, has been showing and introducing new books that have arrived to the students at Bay Farm school and has them making a wish list for some of the favorite books they would like to buy from the book fair.

Another one of Bay Farm’s special Evening on the Green traditions are all of the fun entertainments that the Bay Farm PTA holds. Evening on the Green holds a wide variety of entertainment such as the middle school glee club, ukulele club, and other shows such as karate and hula dancing. These shows are performed while families and friends are either eating their dinner picnic or buying new books at the Book Fair. The middle school glee club that performs is held by the wonderful Bay Farm music teacher, Mrs. Bonnie, who works very hard to prepare and rehearse the club with different and popular songs to sing during this event. The ukulele club is held by Bay Farm middle school’s one-and-only 6th grade teacher Mrs. Oducayen and Bay Farm’s Ms. Barbie Wong, who teaches and helps the students different songs and chords to play on the instrument.

This year’s event also included a piano performance from Waverley Achacoso, three dances from Ms. Vincent’s class, and some songs from Tomorrow Youth Repertory’s Alice in Wonderland. Bay Farm students also had fun dancing to Uptown Funk, following dance moves provided by Michelle Obama’s “Gimme Five Dance.” Many of the people who come to this event love and enjoy watching these performances as a way to keep themselves interested and in touch with the clubs and activities that the school holds.

Also, not only does Bay Farm hold activities and entertainments for the people who come, but they also contribute in providing delicious snacks for people to munch on such as popcorn, cotton candy, popsicles, and even ice cream. This year, Bay Farm is doing something new and creating an art gallery of all of the beautiful paintings and drawings that the students have worked very hard on this past year. It is a great way for the students parents to observe their kids artistic abilities and see what they have been working on in class for art. Evening on the Green has placed a great affect on the people that have participated in this event each year and still do with each new year that passes by. This event is a great way for people to join together as one big Bay Farm family and put a smile on peoples faces on this very special night. We are very thankful for the Bay Farm PTA’s big help on setting up this event and making it a remarkable night to remember. We also thank the whole Bay Farm community as well for being able to come and cherish this outstanding night.


Are You Smarter Than A Bay Farmer

By 6th grade contributor Justin Wong

Are you smarter than a Bay Farmer?Coming up on May 27, there will be a middle school event called “Are You Smarter Than A Bay Farmer?”. This battle of intelligence and trivia, is run by 7th grader Kyle Wonzen. All 6th, 7th and 8th graders, parents, and even teachers are invited to participate in the individual, Class vs. Class, or Student vs. Adults competitions.

There will be tons of prizes, and there will even be a pizza party for the class that wins the Class vs. Class event! Students are really excited about the event. Fellow 6th grader, Mohamed Kaanoune, says,“I want to be one of the competitors. I am excited.”

Are you smarter than a Bay Farmer? May the smartest student win and get crowned Smartest Bay Farmer!

Editors note: See our photo feature on the event this issue!


Stephan Curry, MVP

By 6th grade contributor Quinn Dooley

Steph CurryIn May, the NBA selected their Most Valuable Player. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors received 100 first-place votes to be named the MVP. In second place was James Harden of the Houston Rockets with 25 votes, and in third was LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers with 5 votes.

Now, lets get into the stats. Three stats heavily weigh into MVP choices. Those are Efficiency (Player Efficiency Rating), Impact (plus-minus), and Contributions to Winning (win shares). Curry is in the top three in all of them. Here are the stats of the six candidates in each category:

Impact (real plus-minus)

  1. Curry, 8.87
  2. Harden, 8.30
  3. James, 7.66
  4. Davis, 7.52
  5. Paul, 7.43
  6. Westbrook, 6.58

Steph CurryEfficiency (PER)

  1. Davis, 30.8
  2. Westbrook, 29.1
  3. Curry, 28.0
  4. Harden, 26.7
  5. Paul, 26.0
  6. James, 25.9

Contributions to Winning (win shares)

  1. Harden, 16.4
  2. Paul, 16.1
  3. Curry, 15.7
  4. Davis, 14.0
  5. Westbrook, 10.7
  6. James, 10.4

As you can see, Curry is clearly one of the best, if not the best, candidate. His other stats are also impressive: Curry is sixth in points per game (23.9), tied for third in steals per game (2.0), first in three-pointers made by a wide margin (284), third in three-point percentage (.442), sixth in assists per game (7.7), and first in free-throw percentage (.914). He has been the best player on the NBA’s best team from game-to-game, and he changes and challenges defenses like no other player in the game. His team is so good that he rarely has to play in the fourth quarter. It is clear why Stephen Curry was named MVP.

Steph CurryCurry graciously accepted the award before Game 2 against the Memphis Grizzlies. He thanked Jesus for allowing him to have such a great talent. He then went into great detail thanking his father, Dell Curry (who also played in the NBA): “I remember a lot of your career. And to be able to follow in your footsteps, it means a lot to me.”

He thanked his family, including his wife Ayesha, his mom Sonya, and baby daughter Riley. He talked about all of the obstacles he had to overcome like re-doing his shooting form and ankle problems early in his career. He thanked his coach, Steve Kerr, and teammates Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Lastly, he ended his speech saying that if you really love something and you have talent, you have to put your all into it and continue working to get better, even if someone overlooks you.

Congrats Steph!