Second trimester honor roll announced

By staff writer Evelyn Le

6th Grade Principal’s Honor Roll. Photo by Teacher Lori Oducayen

BFMS students did exceptionally well in the second trimester of the 2014-2015 school year, with more students making Honor Roll or Principal’s Honor Roll. Students who earned a 3.5-3.99 grade point average (GPA) made the Honor Roll, and a few students went beyond that and made the Principal’s Honor Roll by achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Congratulations to all of the many students who received Honor Roll:

  • Sixth Grade Honor Roll: Daryn Young, Derek Deng, Haleyn Manibusan, Kaylee Kim, Kristy Le, Landon Gee, Maikhanh Hoang, Roger Li, Sidney Ung, Waverley Achacoso, Mia Bazo, John Burton, Addy Chaney, Malcolm Fooks, Mohamed Kaanoune, Zoe Spencer, Khai-Ly Tran, and Ethan Wong
  • Seventh Grade Honor Roll: Kyra Kong, Chloe Amaden, Perri Rawski, Duncan Williams, Justin Wong, Mitchell Tansey, and Luke Wonzen
  • Eighth Grade Honor Roll: Azameet Gebremariam, Gabe Manibusan, and Hannah Corpuz
8th grade Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll recipients. Photo by Teacher Lori Oducayen.

8th grade Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll recipients. Photo by Teacher Lori Oducayen.

Also a big congratulations to the students who received Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 GPA):

  • Sixth Grade Principal’s Honor Roll: Anna Leong, Danny Ross, Derek Balaian, Evelyn Le, Jamie Pak, Justin Wong, Justin Odom, Lukas Schneider, Sarah Leong, Zelinda Strell, Chloe Allen, Serena Bhalla, Oliver Cantal, Quinn Dooley, Dominic Fleming, Ella Hidalgo, Anshita Lakshmish, Albert Le, Olivia Liuson, Irvin Nezami, Mia Troncoso, and Grace Wasson
  • Seventh Grade Principal’s Honor Roll: Peter Brady, Romy Pon, Liang Goh, Caroline Gee, Hagos Worrede, Samantha Zimmerman, Kyle Wonzen, Grace Niu, Sophia Cowen, Emily Lau, Ella Rosson, and Karen Kee
  • Eighth Grade Principal’s Honor Roll: Bryan Chai, Rowan Esquer, and Ethan Muon

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