Golden State Warriors head to NBA finals

By staff writer Justin Wong

“Warriors, Warriors, Warriors!” the fans cheered. Finishing a great regular season with a record of 67-15 with only two losses at home, the Golden State Warriors were the number one team in the NBA heading into the playoffs.

Their first playoff round was short, the Warriors sweeping the New Orleans Pelicans — who had been just one game ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder getting into the playoffs. During Game 1, the two leading players were the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis with 35 points and the Warriors’ Stephen Curry with 34 points.The Warriors won by seven (106-99).

Game 2, with a final score of 97-87, was the only game the Warriors didn’t go over 100 points and no player went over 30 points. Game 3 was the most exciting game of the series. In the 4th quarter the Warriors were down by 20 with 6:31 minutes to go, then Warriors then went crazy. Finally at 2.8 seconds to go, Curry shot the ball and tied the game 108-108. The Warriors pulled it off in OT, winning the game 123-119.

WarriorsThe final game of the series was almost an automatic win for the Warriors, since no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit. Game 4 was a fast win for the Warriors; it helps a lot when your best player, Curry, scores 39 of your 109 points.

At Oracle Arena, Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, star player for Memphis Grizzlies, Mike Conley, was injured and didn’t play. The Warriors took advantage of the injured point guard and went to crush Memphis 101-86.

Before Game 2, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver presented Curry with the Kia Most Valuable Player award trophy on mid-court of Oracle Arena, getting fans pumped for the game. Unfortunately for Curry and the Warriors, the Grizzlies played great defense against high scorers Curry and Klay Thompson, only allowing them 32 points together. The Warriors lost by seven, 97-90.

Game 3 was a played in FedExForum, Tennessee, where more than 18,000 Grizzlies fans hoped for home court advantage. They got just that, carrying the same defensive momentum they had in Game 2, and winning the game 99-89.

Going into Game 4, the Warriors knew that if they lost it would be tough to come back and win the series. So they spun the game around and won by 17, 101-84. Game 5 was a little easier the Warriors: One of the Grizzlies’ best defenders, Tony Allen, had a hamstring injury and couldn’t play, making the Warriors offense easier. The Warriors took the game 98-78, finishing the series 3-2.

By Game 6, the Warriors were back at their best, shooting well and playing good defense. They never trailed from the tipoff. Leading by five near the end of the third quarter, Curry got a blocked ball three-quarters downcourt and shot it, swoosh. That shot gave them the cushion to play the fourth quarter strong, winning the game 108-95. Series!

Game 1 of the West Finals: The sun was shining at Oracle Arena, and fans were ready to watch the Warriors take on the Houston Rockets. The Rockets,  just coming back from a 4-3 fight against the LA Clippers, were ready to take on 2015 MVP Curry and his team.

In the first quarter, the Rockets continued their good playing from their last series and got a good lead going into the second quarter, but it wouldn’t last. The Warriors came back to win the game, 110-106. Game 2 was a different story, though, good basketball played by both teams. The Rockets’ James Harden put up 38 points, but couldn’t close it out. With 8.9 seconds left, the Rockets were down 98-99. Forward Harrison Barnes missed a hard reverse layup, giving the rebound to Harden. With seconds left, Harden struggled to get a shot off in time, giving the Warriors a slim win.

After the disappointing loss for Houston, they looked ahead to Game 3 to try to take one game away from Golden State. Game 3 was the total opposite of what they hoped to do, though: The Rockets were blown out, losing 115-80.

Game 4 was one of two scary moments for the Warriors. With 5:52 on the clock in the second quarter, Curry had an ugly landing, hit his head and was diagnosed with a head contusion, but came back in the third quarter. The Warriors couldn’t take the lead; the closest they came was five points, leading to the final deficit of 115-128.

After Game 4 the Warriors were shaken up a little bit, but it was a new day and new game. The Warriors looked to close the series and go the finals. Game 5, Golden State looked to win and claim the series and they did just that. It was a close game till the fourth quarter and all seemed that the Warriors were going to win, but with 9:31 the second splash brother, Thompson got a knee to the ear causing a concussion. Though he was injured, the rest of the team finished it out, winning 104-90.

They did it! The Golden State Warriors franchise goes to the NBA Finals, the first time since 1975. They’ve done it, but the season is not over. The Warriors will face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals, with Game 1 at Oracle Arena on June 4.