Bay Farm students get down to “Uptown Funk”

In May, Bay Farm School responded to First Lady Obama’s #GimmeFive dance challenge — and the resulting video, below, is being sent to the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

First Lady Michele Obama has issued a fitness challenge to America as part of the fifth year supporting her Let’s Move! campaign, an effort to increase healthy living among America’s youth. The First Lady is encouraging Americans across the country to give out high-fives when they see someone making healthy choices. And she’s challenging everyone to #GimmeFive things they are doing to eat better, be more active, and lead a healthier life.

The First Lady has also created a “Gimme Five Dance” for children and adults to learn to support healthy living. In March, the First Lady shared this dance on the Ellen Show and Ellen challenged everyone to learn the dance. As a result, the entire Bay Farm School community learned the dance!