The Best of Bay Farm

By staff writer Rowan Esquer 

Most of us have probably heard of Alameda Magazine‘s annual “Best of Alameda” issue, which tabulates votes on everything from Best Family Restaurant to Best Chiropractor. So here at The Dolphin Tail, we thought: Why not do the same for Bay Farm students?

So this issue, please vote! We want to find out what you think was the best event at Bay Farm, all the way to what your favorite bubble tea place is. We’ll compile the results and share them with you in May’s issue! And if we left anything important out, let us know at the bottom of the page.

Polling closes May 1.

Ready… set… go!

What did we miss? Tell us your suggestions and what else you might vote for, and you might be in our Best of Bay Farm issue in May! Send your comments below to Letters to the Editor and get your voice heard!

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